Donating Blood?

#1 Mar 8th, 2006, 09:59
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My office has asked me to donate blood for a sick child. I have absolutely no problems donating blood and have done it many times in the past, but that has always been in the States. BTW, when I started working there, they asked for my blood type. Maybe this is common practice in India, but I thought I'd mention it so that everyone knew that I had simply told me them by blood type rather than submitted to a blood test or something.

I have been assured by my coworkers that it is safe to donate blood, but I just want to be sure. Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge about this?
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It is quite common in India for the HR dept to keep record of the blood type.
It would be good idea to ask for the name of the hospital where you need to go for the donation. If it is a reputed or well known hospital, it would be fine.
I do donate blood (being a universal donar)at regular intervals however, I don't trust so called blood donation camps where due to high number of people tuning in to donate blood the Hygiene and other cleaniness may be put to a test.
I'm confortable donating blood at most of the big hospitals.
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its safe

Yes it should be safe, also, its also a common practise to ask the blood type at work, i remember i had undergo a complete medical test when i started working with a big fim 10 years ago
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If you've donated before then you'll know that the pack, needle etc are all sealed. If they're not then I wouldn't donate. The procedure for testing your haemoglobin i.e. the gun or blade will also need to be sussed out before they draw from you. Good for you for donating!!!
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I'd like to do this too. I might be in Delhi so it's no use to injured Mumbaikars but I need to do something.

I don't know my blood type (I suspect common as muck o+) and I've never donated before.

Is it OK for tourists to donate or would it cause problems and confusion?
Will they test for anaemia and soforth beforehand? I've had a problem in the past and obviously don't want to risk getting sick from this.
Any suggestions for a safe hospital in Delhi to donate?


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I have donated blood just once... but if its useful to you....

1.I dont know about approaching a blood bank/hospital and I am not a foreigner.

2. I my case my father in law was undergoing an operation in a hospital. the doctor estomated he would need 2 bottles of blood so he asked us to donate 2 bottles of blood of same blood group(this is common practice to keep the blood bank replenished). So my husband and I donated a bottle/bag(?) each.(we are the same blood group as father in law)
3. the technician did a blood test to confirm my blood group(I dont know if he checked anything else). he asked me if I was having periods . He noted my weight(the machine was wrong... it showed me 10kg overweight in front of my husband)

4. then the blood donation started.... fresh disposable needle/pack everything....
I was apprehensive it might hurt but it did not hurt at all....

It was over in 5 mins and I was applauded by my husband for my great bravery

(I know this is not very helpful )

any big hospital(may be a private hospital?) should be safe. The one I donated in is by no means a top of the trees one.... I am still alive.

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