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hey. ive been back from india a couple days, and while i was there i developed a severe cough. its been 10 days so far and the cough isnt receding.
i have no other symptoms, no fever, headache or anything.
what is this cough from? airpollution? cheap cigarettes?
could it be some other illness?

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It could be an allergy. It could be asthma. It could be bronchitis. It could be pneumonia. It could be cancer. See a doctor.
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I'd confirm the advice to see a doctor.

I can say that every time we go to India, we develop cold like symptoms - likely in response to the pollution. It goes away after we leave India in a matter of days. So, your experience is not too uncommon.
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I also develop a cough each time I'm in India. It starts within a couple days. For me, it's likely due to the pollution, dust & cigarette smoke. But last time I returned my cough lasted for a couple weeks. I'm not saying mine & yours are the same, just want to ease your concerns. But get it checked out if it lingers much longer or immediately if your gut is telling you to.
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Pollution gives me a chest infection, every time I visit Delhi. It takes about a week to develop and it starts with a sore throat and a cough.
Better go see a doctor, just in case you need some medication.
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It wasn't the cough that carried him off, but the coffin they carried him off in

So don't worry about a cough.
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Off Topic: Recollected a joke I read somewhere. A smoker bought a packet of cigarettes from the vendor. On the packet, as it is mandatory to issue a warning, it was written smoking causes impotency. On seeing it he asked to vendor to take the packet back and give him another in which the warning is smoking causes cancer.

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