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ttrekk Oct 19th, 2018 14:48

Buy paroxetine over the counter?
Hello everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to buy paroxetine (its an SSRI) over the counter in India? Well... I know that one probably can but I wonder if it is generally prescription-free or if I will need to go to the doc to get a prescription first? I usually bring enough meds to India to sustain myself for the duration of my stay but the next time I'm going I won't be able to.

Thanks in advance :)

OldandRambling Oct 19th, 2018 15:47


I have found that as a western tourist, one can buy most items from a pharmacy "over the counter". If you have an old prescription, or some confirmation of your past use, bring that. If refused, try another shop...

It can help if you know one or two of the popular brand names used in India, this site may help:

Please be aware that "self medicating" can be dangerous, especially if one is mixing with other prescribed medications also.


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