Bottled /Mineral Water News - Sounds Scary!
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Bottled /Mineral Water News - Sounds Scary!

I dont know if this has been posted before but I was doing some research on the net for the safe "bottled" water in India and found several articles that mention pesticide levels in indian bottled water was WAY higher than normal. The safest bottled water seems to be Evian, Himalaya or Catch. Dont know much more than what I read in these articles.. Sounds pretty scary. Any thoughts from any of you who have done similar research?

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I knew it...travelling is not healthy for your body ...only for your soul!

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water purifier

I drank bottled water most of the time but I poured it into my little water purifier first. The water tasted so much better and it was simple. My system looks just like a sports bottle so I didn't have to use a hose and pump it like other popular models, it cost under $40 US........I didn't get sick the whole time I was there.

HHHmmmmm....Maybe the bottled water is what gets everybody sick......;)
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Yes, bhat, it was recently discussed, but the topic was placed under "Polls" instead of "Health..." so it is harder to find. Go there and you will read lots of opinions. Something someone posted, which I have accepted, is that in the short time a tourist spends drinking the stuff we don't have to worry about it. But if you lived there and depended on it, that's another thing. While I was in India (Jan-Mar) this was a hot topic, and government agencies were trying to pass new laws. Of course laws don't always translate into reality; it's just an easy out to look like you're doing something.
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I remember my first time - last century - when i could see people refilling soft drink bottles and recapping them. So much for the sealed bottle theory ..
The really scary story is is what has become of the rivers and streams of india. From where i stayed in delhi i could see a boy herding cows out into river Yamuna and, laughing, jump in and swim after them. Later i read a story that quoted the dhobi wallahs of Yamuna who said that they nowadys had to use bleach , otherwise the clothes would turn black.
The Ganga can`t be boiled , peeled or forgotten - and filtering it will take too long. I´m hoping the environmentalists will gain more grund faster.

PS. The mineral water issue has been debated in the thread/poll " how do u treat your drinking water"
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From 2003 really... I recommend that nobody drink water in India and since beer comes from & milk is from cattle drinking water... Drink nothing the whole time in India. Only country liquor. That's the way to do it..
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If you put a "nip" of country liquor into every bottle of mineral water you buy then hey presto! no delhi belly and the world seems so much better.
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If it contains pesticides, wouldn't drinking it kill all of the other nasty bugs you could pick up in your tummy?
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When (if) I grow up I will not respond to posts older than 10 years. Promise.
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How about 11 years?
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That's okay. Still a spring chicken.

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