Best time to go!
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Best time to go!

We are planning a trip to India leaving in either October beginning or end? Anyone have any tips on when the best time is to go. We will be predominately in Punjab, New Delhi, and may travel to Mumbai and Goa towards the end of our trip.

I'm taking my then 16 month son with me so want to go when the weather is just right and not too hot or the mosquitos are a worry also.

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If you want one universal time slot: October - February is a good time for India, weather-wise. If you plan to cover Punjab and Delhi during October and move to Mumbai towards the end, that should be ideal. Punjab will become colder as you go down till January, whereas, the more tropical Mumbai will be just good at the end of October. You are coming down in the post monsoon period...mozzies will be in action! But you need not worry. Just go through the threads here on Mozzie protection.
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