Back at last & Health & Safety questions re: Kerala
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Back at last & Health & Safety questions re: Kerala

Greetings all! I've been back in my beloved 2nd home since Jan 1 (great start to the new year) and am now in a cottage on a tiny resort (3 cabins) in the mountains of Wayanad (amongst ready to harvest coffee!) until I find a small house for my stay here this trip.

I have a couple of friends who are coming to join me for a few months in August - Dec here in Kerala, and one person's parents (especially cautious folks for good personal reasons not related to India) have expressed concerns about their daughter's safety. The young woman is 27, married, American, educated, and quite mature. However, she does not have much foreign travel experience. She will be travelling with another young married woman and both will be staying with me in a semi-rural (village) setting outside of the Kalpetta/Sulthan Battery area. During the week they will be working with me in a school setting and on weekends will most likely be travelling (by a/c bus from Wayanad or train from Calicut) to various places of interest in and about Kerala. Travel during the week will be limited and by an experience jeep, car, or auto driver; on foot, or on bicycle, or as passenger on a ladies scooter (mine - If I find a good deal on one I like) with helmet. She is in good health to the best of my knowledge and physically fit.

I have promised my friend and future guest that I would write a letter of information (and reassurance) to her parents but after surfing the web can't seem to find good current info about matters related to risks to tourists, other than the more sensational news items you see from time to time. I also know that I will most likely need such info in the future so will use the info I get for a sort of "health, safety, & well-being in Kerala/S. India" pamphlet and can share that here when it is completed.

So...I am sure this has been addressed here and there before, but could you all post any links (here or elsewhere) on matters of health, safety, crime risk, etc. that I can share with this set of concerned parents. In fact, I'd really like to be able to just write them a short letter of my own (excellent) experiences and then refer them to this thread, if that works.

Ask any questions you have and I'm happy to share what info I can.

I am so very very happy to be back in Kerala for my forth stay in India and thank you all in advance. (If I am slow to reply, please know it's due to somewhat sketchy connectivity at present...though, hey, I am writing this from the top of a mountain in rural Kerala, so.... :) :)


P.S. Should I also post this on the Kerala forum?
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