Birth Certificate ::Procedure for issuing Date of Birth"
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Birth Certificate ::Procedure for issuing Date of Birth"


I was born in Jind district (haryana). My real Date of Birth is 01 Jan, 1988 but my parents applied DOB in school was 1 June, 1988. As a result my all documents contain my wrong DOB and IN Passport also my DOB is 01 June, 1988. I cant change my all documents as Passport also contain that wrong DOB.

Now I want to apply for birth certificate as soon as possible.I was born in Hospital at JIND.

So,can anyone please guide me in this regard? Can I get my birth certificate on my Documents DOB.


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You should approach Jind Hospital and get a certificate from there. Then you will have to visit Registrar Office to get Birth Certificate.

Once you get the Birth Certificate you should contact Passport Office to get the date corrected on the Passport.

To change the date of birth in the passport, you will have to apply for a "Re-issue" of passport and get the specified change done in the personal particulars.

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