Passing a few months in Ahmedabad - recreation/entertainment options?
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Passing a few months in Ahmedabad - recreation/entertainment options?

Hey all,

I'll be in Ahmedabad for the next 1.5 months, and then shortly afterwards expect to return for another 1 or 2 months before leaving. I've been here before for briefer stays, so I know most of the options for movies, eating, etc., and I've seen the nearby tourist sites. Like many people before me, I'm just looking for more to DO here in this city! So:

1) I'm planning on getting a tutor to improve my Hindi, maybe also to learn a bit of Gujarati (let me know if you know of someone good for Gujarati!)

2) ??? I was thinking maybe take some Bollywood dance classes (Shiamak Davar's institute even has classes here), but I've got nobody with whom to go and it would probably be weird going alone :rolleyes:... Anyone out there want someone to join them? ;) Are private lessons (1) available here with good instructors, and (2) reasonably priced? Know of anyone good? I've got no dance experience at all and I'll probably never be like Hrithik, I just think it would be cool to try out if it won't cost too much...

3) ?????? What else is there that I can do on a regular basis besides going to see movies and hanging out in the various eateries? (even Mocha is closed now!)

I know it's a long shot, but I'm just grasping for something...



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what takes you to ahmedabad linguaphile?

there are a couple of recent threads here about ahmedabad, check out the gujarat forum, or use the search button.
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I've already done both of those things, before I posted...

The other Ahmedabad-related threads are all about restaurants, tourist attractions, etc., and (as I wrote) I don't really need help with those things anymore... none of the other threads really address my questions, though... any other input?
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i don't know about long term stuff, although your idea of dance lessons sounds great.

maybe volunteering with some organisation on a regular basis?

what kind of things do you like to do?
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Hmm, well I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to do some different things while I'm here in India, the kind of things that I've never done back home, whether because it's not available, too expensive, or whatever... so, for example, I've never done any dancing, but spending time in a place where it's such a part of the culture (even in every movie, etc.) it seemed like it would be a fun thing to try.

As far as the things I like to do, it's fairly easy for me to find options here to adapt those interests to my surroundings... besides the usual stuff, one of my big interests is studying languages, thus my first idea (I've already studied some Hindi before)... also, like everyone else, I like movies, so I've seen lots of Bollywood movies here (including plenty at Fun Republic, Wide Angle, the drive-in, etc.)

As far as something different, volunteering is a good idea... I did meet someone (a local Amdavadi) who goes every weekend to a nearby village to volunteer, so maybe I will look into that as well...
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There are so very many different universities there and so many students. The IIM and such would perhaps have students who would like to exchange english practice for Hindi practice or lessons of some sort. I was amazed at how many universities there were. Perhaps some other kind of classes you could take or visit there.

Maybe do research before you go and see if there are charitable organizations doing work there you could volunteer for while you are there.

As for me I think I would be touring the Calico Museum of Textiles daily and going in some directions with the textiles and such. There is a very particular woman working there who is quite knowledgeable on the subjects and textile work of surrounding areas. There is also some kind of Kala Raksha place mentioned somewhere here about a place out in Kutch I would love to visit.

Have you done the Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad yet. Seemed interesting the places they went and I did not hear about it last time we were there. That is only one morning but who knows what you would find from there.
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A short bus journey away from Ahmedabad are some interesting places: The Rann of Kutch sanctuary, Gir, and Lothal being some of them. You might have seen Dilwara / Palitana / Ranakpur already, but they're worth another look, even if you have.
At this time of year, IIM Ahmedabad is a very busy place - recruitment season - so I don't think you'd have a chance to get to know any people there. The same, I'd assume, would go for NID or CEPT. Feb / March is a busy time!
Prof. Anil Gupta in IIM Ahmedabad runs an organisation called the Honeybee Network that does the very interesting job of identifying rural inventors and helping their ideas achieve commercial viability. You could volunteer with them - I can guarantee you that you'd be amazed at the ingenuity of Gujarat's village folk. If you're interested, you could write to Prof. Gupta. Look up his email id from the IIM Ahmedabad website.
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Hi Linguaphile,

Logged on after more than a month and just saw your post...

Ahmedabad has loads to offer... apart from the regular food fiestas and multiplexes...

As pointed out above...

you can visit the Calico Musuem in Shahibaug
Take the heritage walk from Agaashiye restaurant at Teen Darwaja
Visit Sarkhej Roza
Visit Adalaj Ni Vav ( stepwells )

If you are a travel buff.. there's lots of places which you can visit near Ahmedabd....

Modhera Sun Temple near Mehsana
Siddhpur - architecture
Rani Ki Vav - patan
Patola making units at Patan
Vijaynagar / Idar near Himatnagar
Jambughoda near Pavagadh
Dangs forest near Surat

IF you really want to have a nice time.. Rann of Kutch is a great place... ( you can check out the pics on my photo pages )

and the list goes on :-))

You mentioned your interest in Languages... well... Gujarat university offers language courses... and there are many language courses offered by Gujarat Vidyaapeeth also.. which I have heard are nice ( never tried them though )

I forgot... Natarani in Usmanpura is a great institute and a must visit place...

Hope that helps...
Jay Jadeja

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