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First trip to India - Ahmedabad

#1 Sep 2nd, 2010, 13:37
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Sep 2010
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Hi all,

I'm going to Ahmedabad next week for around 3-4 weeks.

I've done a lot of reading here on IndiaMike so I'm as prepared as possible. The main thing I've gathered is that I'm in for a huge culture shock, it'll be incredibly noisy and successfully crossing a road will be my greatest challenge yet.

I remember someone saying that their first visit to India (Delhi) was terrible as they were so overwhelmed by the sights (poverty and whatnot), the not so pleasant smells and the chaos. Will Ahmedabad be similar to Delhi? I'm not saying that I'm scared, I'm incredibly excited to be thrown into a country so different to what I've ever experienced before. India has always fascinated me and I can't wait to be in the mix of great people and their surroundings.

I should also mention that I'm travelling alone and am 20 years old... any tips for areas that I should avoid, what places are good and safe to eat at would be greatly appreciated. I'll also need to travel about 10km's each day from my hotel - are taxi's easily hailed or should I pre-book them?

#2 Sep 2nd, 2010, 15:19
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Ahmedabad would be similar as Delhi, may be worser.

Navrangpura is a good part of Ahmedabad. Taxi's and auto rickshaw's will be available no need to pre-book them.

Here's a link
#3 Sep 2nd, 2010, 15:33
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Ahmedabad was my first stop on my first trip to India 6 years ago, and I found it great - I too was daunted but excited, but overall I found it I good introduction to the craziness and wonder that I would encounter each day upon my travels. I think in comparison to Delhi it's tame but that's me. I have in fact been there I think on each trip - 5 in total, no. 6 this year, and I actually don't mind the place. I use this as a stepping stone to Bhuj - my favourite place in India, and also for Rajasthan, and Mumbai in the other direction.
There are tons of great places to eat - which all depends on your budget - from ridiculously cheap to more expensive. Thalis are to die for.
Taxis and auto rickshaws are in abundance - so no need to pre-book as aarosh mentions.
And Gujaratis are some of the most friendly people around.
Let me know if you want any other details.
India is fantastic - am sure you will have an unbelievable time!
#4 Sep 2nd, 2010, 15:54
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Sep 2010
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Almost all of the indian cities have similar culture(you'll find poverty and high pollution in every city of india). So you may find your ahmedabad experience similar to your friend's delhi experience. It may help you if you keep in your mind that you'll see slum areas frequently.

Taxi services are easily available, but make sure you are not overcharged for it.

In general, you won't have any safety issues in any area.

There are plenty of good restaurants, so you won't have any problem as far as food is concerned.
#5 Sep 2nd, 2010, 16:39
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Aug 2010
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With regard to food and water- Drink only bottled or boiled water. and avoid ice in drinks. Eat roadside food only if it is piping hot. Always carry Imodium with you, just in case.
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#6 Oct 14th, 2010, 13:22
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ahmedabad is less insane than delhi.Delhi can really spook 1st timers.
Ahmedabad like Delhi has a good mix of the old and the new and a strong muslim influence plus insane air and noise pollution.
Crossing the road is the most dangerous in kolkata.The road users in Kolkata don't dodge to miss you there. Gujjus avoid running you over.
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#7 Oct 14th, 2010, 15:02
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Why should you think of Over Population and Poverty, they are two side of a Coin.

There are lot of things to discover in India, Ahmedabad. Just do not restrict your self for luxurious life and journey in India. Every place in India has its own value. So eNjoyeee.

#8 Nov 1st, 2010, 16:41
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Benares is more insane and full of bedlam and pandemonium than Ahmadabad.
#9 Nov 2nd, 2010, 18:23
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Smile Wonderful Gujarat

prepare to be amazed, India is a wondrous place, full of the best and worst of humanity, but it will reward you if you approach it with a smile and the respect that it deserves. Ahmedabad is a fantastic city that keeps drawing me back, enjoy it for all that it is, especially the old city!
try to get out and see some of rural Gujarat as well.
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#10 Nov 12th, 2010, 13:56
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Hi, i am staying in Ahmedabad since last 3 years and this is really wonderful city where you never find any issues roaming around. You can easily find good places to stay and eat...feel free to contact me incase if you need any specific information about this city..

have a nice trip

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