Junagadh tourist place
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Junagadh tourist place

Hi all,

I need some idea about Junagadh, how to reach Junagadh from Somnath Temple and i have full day to spent in junagadh as my train late night 12 Am to dwarka. Please suggest me what are the places to see in Junagadh, 28th april (except jungle safari).

I will reach Somnath on 27th morning.

Please share some experience which can make my spiritual visit memorable.

Thanks & Regards,

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Your query is confusing. Title reads 'tourist' and in the body you say 'spiritual'. What kind of places do you want to visit in Junagadh? Also how many hours will you have for the visit?
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Sorry for confusion, let me clear the things i will reach Somnath 27th morning -> i will visit all the tourist place arround somnath
My train is from Junagadh on 28th april so I need all the info regarding Junagadh includes how to reach junagadh from somanth and tourist places near by Junagadh ?

If any thing else please let me know i will clarify

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Other than the temple, there's not much to visit in Somnath. There are trains from somnath junction to Junagadh - check erail.in. In Junagadh will you attempt girnar climb? It will require almost the entire day.
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Is there any bus services or Uber/ola available there ?
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A few years ago we stayed a day in Junagadh.
There is an old ruined fort and some cenotaphs in the centre.
For details see the March part of the Mumbai-Delhi journal in my signature.
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I know, I'm two years late to give this reply to the topic starter, but perhaps other travelers will find this information useful. Not so long I visited Junagadh and I found the city quite interesting. Things to see include Mahabat Maqbara - a mind-blowing mausoleum complex that definitely deserves much more love than it gets at the moment. Also, there is a temple-covered Girnar mountain and Ashoka edicts. Within the walls of the Uparkot fort you'll find some of the earliest stepwells in India, Buddhist caves and a mosque with a terraced roof to see some beautiful views over the mountains from one side, and over the city from another. Darbar Hall museum full of beautiful possessions of Junagadh's Nawabs is also not to be overlooked ;)

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