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Hello everyone! me and my gf are planning to go to Gujarat in mid August and we were wondering how is the weather over there in that period...will it be very rainy or hot? i hope not!

We would like to visit The Rann of Kutch but we are not quite sure if this will be a right period to we would like to see the asian lions as well...

we will have about 15 days to dedicate to Gujarat...can you please suggest us the top places to visit? we are fond of temples, good vegetarian food and interested in shopping (clothes especially)!

thank you all for your help!

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In mid august the Rann is submerged. Suggest you look at the southern lip of the state. There're plenty of good reports in the forum indicating what to visit. For temples, vegetarian food and hand embroidered clothes, there's plenty to see / do and two weeks is good enough for a relatively relaxed visit.

Forgot to mention that Gir is closed as well from mid june to mid october - so that bit wont happen either.
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Some years ago we traveled through Gujarat with a car+ driver.
Our route was Vadodara - Jambughoda - Bhavnagar Junagadh - Bhuj - Mandvi - Dholavira - Meshana and ending in Udaipur.
But that was in March. If you are interested in details have a look at that part if the Mumbai - Delhi journal in my signature.
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August is definitely the monsoon period. Monsoon, however, is pretty erratic- in the sense that we could have spells of dry weather and then spells of wet- not like Mumbai where the monsoon is more consistent. Gir is closed, as Vaibhav observed. The salt pans would also not be in all their splendour. Depending upon thge intensity of the rain fall, the roads get tacky too, at least in some places. Monsoon is also the harbinger of seasonal fevers. the weather would be better than May and June, but still slightly muggy, since humidity levels would be higher.
Sorry to be a wet blanket, but the time to visit Gujarat and enjoy it would be between November thru March.
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Thank you all for your kind answers!
I know but unfortunately is the only period available for me and i so want to visit Gujarat that i will take the risk of getting monsoon showers during my journey. I think i will skip Kutch tho, since the main reason for me to go there was going to the Desert, but since it will probably be muddy, it won't be worth the effort.
I will probably spend more time in the Saurashtra area: Palitana, Diu ( still doubtful about it since i will travel with my gf and her sister and I read that drunk dodgy characters tend to be annoying if not violent), Somnath, Junagadh and Jamangar.
Do you guys suggest other places around here not to be missed?
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When is Rann of kacch festival celebrated, in what month?
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Originally Posted by hamish05064 View Post When is Rann of kacch festival celebrated, in what month?
Rann of Kutchh festival is celebrated in winter, mostly in December - January.
My travelogues - Dwarka / Haridwar - Rishikesh
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You all shared helpful information here. It can be useful for many persons.

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