Gujarat Solo Trip Report - Dec 2017
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Gujarat Solo Trip Report - Dec 2017

Hi All,

A quick report on my recent trip into Gujarat - definitely an under rated state with plenty to offer to anyone!

I must say i found it extremely hard to find reliable info on Gujarat (even on here) so hopefully this helps anyone else looking to visit.

The start of the trip was via sleeper bus (my least favourite mode of night transportation) - on which not much sleep was had! Leaving Udaipur at 12am we arrived at Ahmedabad station at 5am - and then a quick Uber to the hostel in Ranip Plaza and a nap to recover from the trip.

Ubers are plentiful in Ahmedabad and they seem to have lots of specials for pooling - all experiences were pleasant.

Despite having not heard many good things about Ahmedabad I enjoyed my stay there - Day 1 I spent wandering around seeing the major sights: Ghandi Ashram (excellent - and even better with a Havmoor ice cream). Then a local bus to the Dada Harir stepwell. I love stepwells - and this one was excellent, as you were allowed all the way to the bottom, nice carvings and very very deep! Then saw a few gates on the way into the centre of old town - and a stop to the Jama Masjid the main mosque, nice calm place in the centre of the city.

Walked through the old city, not much to see and then to dinner on the other side of the river after visiting the long riverside park - Ate at Gopi dining hall - excellent Thali.

Day 2 was spent working at the cafe in the Hyatt - in the evening an uber out to Vastapur lake (its dry atm) and dinner at Jassi De Parathi (Good food, weird lighting).

The next day I headed out west - to Bhuj. Night trains were booked out so i took the day train - easy ride, delayed as usual. Arrived and took auto to my hotel Royal Guest House - very conveniently located in the city centre next to the bus station.

The next day was a trip out into the Kutch, visited 2 villages, had lunch in one, up black mountain for the view of the drying inland sea and then onto the white desert - absolutely worth seeing!!!

It all seemed very easy to just stay in Bhuj and get a tour into the Rann rather than staying in it - which seemed very very costly from all the options i saw

Another day trip this time to Mandvi to see the beach and the ship building yards - not worth the trip in the end.

A day in Bhuj - not much to see a few sites the Praj Mahal wasnt bad but mostly closed due to local elections (turns out thats why i saw so many cops and military men in my days in Gujarat)

Long Long bus trip to Savarkundla (12 hours) to go to Sassan Gir (next Day) - sadly we didn't see any lions but the scenery was lovely.

Booked a cab to Palitana from Savakundla (1800Rs 2 hours) and next day did the trek up the mountain (long! and hot - start early in the day is my advice) Very large and impressive complex, lots of nooks and crannies to explore and look at - great views as well.

Back to Ahmedabad and a day trip to see Rani Ki Vav stepwell - lovely setting and park but not nearly as impressive as the Dada Harir in Ahmedabad - too open, couldn't descend all the way.

Finally a super quick bus ride and a few days in Baroda - Very clean city, not much to see in the way of sights but definitely a chilled out vibe.

In summary - Ahmedabad , Bhuj(Rann) and Palitana are definitely worth your time to go and visit if you are remotely in the area! Enjoy :)

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| The Silent One
Nice concise report.
There are a few reports over here, like the one by Aarosh which do help in the planning. It helped me for my trip last October - but unlike you I have not put it on paper, so it wouldn't help others like your's will.
As for Old Ahmedabad, I guess you missed out on the heritage walk - organised by both Ahmedabad Municipal corporation as well as by House of MG. If you can get the history/information along with the sights it does help a lot.
Gujarat is coming up nicely and rightly so on the tourist map.
Thanks for sharing your report.
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| Humble Genius
It appears you missed out more than you saw in Ahmedabad and Baroda but good to hear you enjoyed the trip. It's Gandhi and Havmor.

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