calico museum - a warning
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calico museum - a warning

I went in the afternoon only to discover that the textile part of the museum is only open in the morning. On top of that you are only allowed in as part of a guided tour of 15 (first come first served) that starts at 10.30.

the website is here - apparently it has been specially written so that it doesn't appear on search engines- how unhelpful is that?

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Ah yes - the 'Microsoft Front Page' school of web-design - that program really sucks.

I just wanted to say that even if its difficult to get in to the Calico Museum in Ahmedabad, its well worth the effort. I found it absolutely fascinating - they have some amazing exhibits. Incidentally, the restoration department is backed by the V&A in London, which shows the quality of their stock.

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I have heard similar stories. Also you have to apparently take part in a rather boring lesson before actually seeing the collections. You sign your name in a book so remember the date you visited so as to skip the lesson next time around.

I am told it is amazing and well worth it though.

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