Birding in LRK
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Birding in LRK

Hi Guys,

We (a family of 4 adults) want to visit LRK purely for birding and have just about 1 1/2 days there around 17th of Dec. Please help me out with a budget place to stay. Also a knowledgeable guide with a vehicle for 2 to 3 safaris. Requirement is birding (minus water birds) mainly the species which thrive in the vast open scrub and salt plains.. Mammals will be a bonus.
Any contact details will be welcome and a budget place to stay as well.
Thanking you all in advance....

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I assume you've ruled out GRK that has a larger tract of scrub (banni grasslands) and salt plains based on some constraints. You may check Devjibhai Dhamecha's outfit in LRK or Desert Coursers . Devjibhai's outfit is cheaper ...
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Are you sure everyone on the forum realizes you mean the Little Rann of Kutch and the Great Rann of Kutch, respectively?
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I can't speak for everyone, but the term is used on the gujarat sub-forum certainly. Thanks for typing the extra bit Golghar!! :)
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i second Vaibhav's suggestions. Both are birders. Here are the links and...devjibhai.html

Have a good trip... :)
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Thanks for such prompt replies vaibhav, golghar and kutch:) Will check out the links and take it from there.
Isn't there any specific guide I could contact? Who would gear the safari according to our requirements instead of clubbing more people in and doing a general tour? That is generally what happens in resorts...:-(
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Devjibhai will arrange for a naturalist as will the desert coursers. Tailoring the safari to your requirements implies a higher charge due to the dedicated jeep. I'm sure they'd do it if you pay for the entire car. Call them, perhaps?
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Guess WHAT?? Just finalised our plans and the bookings. Also got the confirmations.... with Devjibhai at his Koobas. Thanks everyone for the help!!


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