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Originally Posted by Merchant View Post There are no laws or customs that bar you from sharing a hotel room with anyone you care to -- assuming you are not hosting prostitutes, doing drugs, or causing a ruckus.
Occupying hotel rooms by unmarried couples is illegal under Indian laws and therefore hotels have a right to refuse entry or evict any guests on this ground.
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Originally Posted by OrangeStreet View Post Occupying hotel rooms by unmarried couples is illegal under Indian laws and therefore hotels have a right to refuse entry or evict any guests on this ground.
Look, it's very possible that hotels have the legal right to refuse rooms on this ground, but where did you hear/read that it is ILLEGAL for them to allow unmarried couples to share a room?

There is an age of consent for sex- different for boys and girls. I'm not sure what the age is, but it is reasonable. There is also a law regarding age difference. You know, it is rape if the girl is under 16 and the man is over 20 or something like that. But I don't know of laws regarding consensual sex between two unmarried heterosexual people. In fact, there was a recent (two three years back anyone remember?) court case about live-in relationships. From what I know, two heterosexual of age single adults can cohabitat, get hotel rooms, live together, have sex, do whatever they want under Indian law. Customs are different than laws, and police are sometimes corrupt and sometimes ill-informed and they may think they ARE the law.

You could very likely come back with some statute that I didn't know about that might blow my mind. Perhaps there is some weird left-over law on the books regarding hotel rooms because a few years back the Indian government used to think that foreigners were here spreading AIDS, but as far as I know that's not the case.


Hey this is kind of fun. Maybe I should become a paralegal. Think they'd pay me just to do some google searches and discuss things in chat boards?? HA!

Anyway, the only laws regarding these issues are as follows:
Section 294
Basically says you can't do an obscene act in public. This means that someone would have to prove that your hotel room was public and that you had sex in it, and even after that, they'd have to prove that the sex you had was obscene as consensual heterosexual sex between unmarried adults is legal. But anyway, they wouldn't be able to prove that your hotel room was public in the first place. Just FYI- this is the law they tried to use to go after Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty.
The Immoral Traffic Prevention Act
This is probably the law that hotel owners are afraid of. If a couple is engaged in prostitution or if kids are involved, then the hotel owner can get in trouble too. Not just the adults and the prostitute, but the hotel owner too. But if you are not a prostitute and you are both of age and neither of you are married and you are heterosexual, then it is perfectly legal to do whatever you want in your hotel room.

Anyway, I think that if you simply pretend to be married, all of this will be avoided in the first place.
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Many Indians may not have marriage certificates, much less carry them around.

OK, by definition, I can never be part of an Indian/Indian relationship, but the very idea of any routine enquiry into marital status on check in seems a nonsense to me.


If such a law exists, can someone please quote it.

It is far from impossible; I've mentioned that some European countries certainly had such a law, may still have. India is hardly in the forefront of social progress and freedom (err... ok, 'progress' does depend on one's point of view) so I'd think it eminently possible, but if law is going to get quoted, I'd like to know what law, please.
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Mr K and I have never been asked if we are married, whenever we have checked into hotels in other places. Although the conversation with manager often goes the way of how long have I been in India etc. and then it ends up with some joke or other along the lines we are married, this sort of thing. The first I knew that there could be problems is when I read this stuff here on IM. And as Nick says, not to say it doesn't happen, just that I've never struck it.
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Carlaeb, I (we) have personally been refused. 2 Years ago in Mumbai in every hotel. Had a booking at Bentley's, they knew beforehand it was for a foreigner and Indian national, but when we showed up we had to take 2 separate rooms. They showed us a letter from the police, saying it was not allowed for a foreigner and Indian national to share a room (btw, we were happy to leave Bentley's anyway, it's a sh*t hotel). Next day we tried a few other hotels, 3 and 4 stars, same story. Of course we just ask for a room, why mention anything about the nature of our relationship, it's none of their business, is it? And they didn't ask if we were married or not, just refused. So, it didn't depend on the kind of hotel, making a reservation was of no help, nor the way I dress (mostly wear salwar kameez and certainly don't look like a prostitute). Maybe now things have changed in Mumbai, don't know.
Same happened at a few hotels in Delhi, for the same reason, not all, so it's possible to share rooms there, and last summer again at one hotel in Amritsar (not all).

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Homosexuality is illegal in India, yet two men (or two women) can freely rent a hotel room.

Foreigners are married to Indian nationals, do not carry their marriage certificates, and rent hotel rooms every day. Indian foreign nationals live outside of India, marry non-Indians, and travel around India -- staying in hotels.

This whole unmarried couples in hotels thing is really a non-issue. If you are refused entry into a hotel, it is unlikely that the concierge is concerned about your marital status.
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Hey I have some really good news for you. Goa is one of the coolest and romantic places in India and the best place to holiday for unmarried couples. I went there 2 or 3years back with my bf when I was just 19. And you know what, that time I looked like 16 or 17! We had the best holiday there. Never did we pretend to be married in any way and no way did we look like a married couple. In fact people were so warm and welcoming, they found us a cute young couple in love and were very helpful and amazing. They even complimented us and asked us to come back on our honeymoon.
The place is totally safe, its very open out there. There was no problem at all while booking a hotel. We didnt make any reservations before as we wanted to see the rooms, bargain etc. However if its winter or peak season its best to book a hotel as remains crowded that time. Couples being unmarried is not as issue at all there, take my word for it and put all your doubts to rest. After you come back from your holiday you will probably look back and laugh about it! However you may carry your id cards or any age proof documents if you wish though its not required. We were never asked, stared at and neither did we face any awkward situation. We went there by train from mumbai and came back by a volvo bus. Both are good and convenient, easily available but the volvo buses are more romantic and comfortable with flexible timings. At the goa station you can either avail an auto or hire a cab. Tell the driver your preferance like if you want to stay by the beach or your budget etc. You get all types of accomodation to fit everyone's budget and there are various options available. You can go for bicycle or bike rides if you have license, stay in small cottages, choose your location like the beach or lake since there are various beaches and lakes there.
The food there is delicious specially stuffed fish preparations , steak etc. You can have candlelit dinners on the beach itself and spend the mornings in the sun beds on the beach for free but you need to order food there which is delicious by the way. The hotel we stayed in was excellent with a swimming pool lounge and bar. We had a spacious living room with a well stocked mini bar, a beautiful bedroom and balcony all for Rs.1500. You can get good room for rs.500 to 1000. There are a lot of water sports on the beach do try them and enjoy. Be pleasant to the people and they will return the same but dont forget to bargain. After all these praises just one word of caution, if you want to go to the local discotheques there choose carefully since i have heard the rave parties there may cause little problem at times though they are usually safe. Also keep local helpline numbers like medical facilities or police, phone number of your hotel etc handy. I am cent percent sure you will never require but still be safe. We used to roam around till midnight in the beach but not any late than that. Its a great place very romantic, very open like even if you wear shorts bikini etc no one stares and forget about remarks or anything, people booze in public place which is rare in india. If you need to know anything else I will try to help. Enjoy, Have a great holiday, I know mine is special to me till date.
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I've had that happen only once on in a year in India. In Diu a few weeks ago, the owner moved us from one room to a more private room (at the same price) for probably 2 reasons. We were the only whites there, and my passport is USA and hers is Swiss - they deduced, I'm sure, that we weren't married, actually didn't offer to listen to whether we were or not.
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Homosexuality is illegal in India
How quickly things change!!
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i would like to know the same details. i m planning for going ter with my girl friend
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After reading the replie's i felt sad that you decided not to go to goa.

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