Travel to Goa by Paulo Travels Volvo Bus
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Travel to Goa by Paulo Travels Volvo Bus

I have booked the lower berth of the Paulo Travels Volvo Bus to Goa from Bangalore for myself and my wife. I heard the travel by this means is very uncomfortable. Can anyone who has travelled by Paulo Volvo Sleeper earlier give me their inputs.
Thanks in advance:dontgetit

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We have traveled by Paulo Travels from hyderabad to Goa twice and I would say that their services are one of the worst The bus seats are similar to that of state buses, not comfortable,they even charge for the bottled water which any other traveler will provide as complementary, but since this is the only bus from Hyderabad to Goa many of us are forced to use it.
Many of the people whom have used Paulo( from different parts of South India) have had similar experience.
My Advice: Avoid if you have/ can find an alternative.
Travel, before you run of the time!!!
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Avoid this company at all costs. Not only are their buses in bad condition but their drivers are possibly the worst in Goa. Many people have lost their lives because of this company.
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Look for Sharma Travels.

Try this website
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I am suprised with some of the replies.I have travelled with many incl. Paulo's, Neetas and Atmarams[ last week last minute by Jessusways] and found to be comfortable and reasonable.
from your letter it would seem that you are travelling in a sleeper [which I have never tried] Especially as sleeping in coaches is to me is near impossible as the Goa Roads are windy mountain Roads and one would be Buffetted arround a lot making sleep near impossible.
I think they are O.K.
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Anyone who has travelled by Paulo Travels from Bangalore to Goa can you please tell the stops in Goa? Is there any stop near Colva beach?
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The train is a far superior (and probably cheaper) option - why the bus?
Evil all its sin is still alive.
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Train is not available on all days.. Else I would have definitely preferred Train..
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You're right - train is 3 times a week I think.:)
Evil all its sin is still alive.
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I have travelled from Bangalore to Goa and back using this travels and I must say it is the worst. we were a gang of 10 members we could not get the sleeper tickets so got the seats which are right next and below the sleeper berths on that bus. The seats+berths are in a very bad condition and unhygenic too.

Drivers have lot of ego and fail to listen to your pleas in case you get the sudden urge to go to the loo during the long drives. He stops when he wants. They are very rough on communication end and sometime yell on the passengers which looks very bad.

water and blankets are charged.

we had booked for the sleeper on the return journey on the last day 4 hours before the boarding time we got a call from the bus office and they told us that the sleeper was cancelled and we had to be there at the bus stop in next 1 hour. we were at Baga beach then. we had to hurry up and reach there only to get into a fight because we were offered a seater bus and he was not willing to refund the difference money.

The supervisor started arguing that sleeper and sitting are same when it comes to comming back to bangalore. We had bought liquor from goa with the license and permit but the travels guys did not allow us to get the box.

We called the police on 100 and as soon as the cops reached the place the supervisor was given a earful from the policeman and we got our refunds and also got to get our liquor box.

Many of us may not buy liquor but at the end of the journey if things go wrong where u end up yelling and screaming at them with your wife or family looking upto you.. the holiday will look wasted.

I am Travelling again to Goa in 3rd week of Feb 2010, train tickets are available.. please recheck the Indian railways website
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I traveled in this bus from Hampi to Goa once,
I had a single sleeper ticket (right at the front),
journey was tolerable thought you cant compare it
to Volvos.
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Thanks for all your posts. Unfortunately, there is no Train availability on the day I plan to travel. Now, the only option I am let with is to continue my travel on the same bus or switch to the Twin Axle Volvo bus (I suppose)which doesnt offer sleeper, only seating, to Goa. In this bus the travel time is cut by abt 1.5 - 2 Hrs
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The twin-axle Volvo is probably a better bet since it should be a smoother ride, and a newer bus.
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its Ok

Travelled on Paulo lots of times over the last 20 years when their buses were really old rust buckets.Its not far from Bangalore anyway and most of the journey is up the Ghats.The road through Karnatika is quite good. Its getting into Bangalore thats the problem.Take a pillow with you and a blanket and some sandwiches, the dabhas on the road are disgusting.:D
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twin axle volvo buses.

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The twin-axle Volvo is probably a better bet since it should be a smoother ride, and a newer bus.

Please note that in Most countries these coaches have been withdrawn from service unless speciallly trained drivers are available as due to extra axle the rolling resistance is reduced {P.S.I. problem] and therefore these coaches are difficult to control in a skid.Here in U.K. such a coach skidded on the way to heathrow Airport killing and maiming a few.

Also the passengers on the windowside if it falls on the side [ after impact / accident ]have their arms wrenched off when the glass breaks after beware.

Since this accident all the coaches it is compulsary to wear seat belts all during the journey in U.K..