Suggestion for overnight stay on beach
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Suggestion for overnight stay on beach

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PS: I should have given my name to you Som, as Anshuman probably would have further lowered the cottage costs if you would have given my reference.

You have done enough mate. Thanks a lot again. Noted your suggestions. Any plans for Kolkata anytime soon ?
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None in the near future, though I got some relatives out there clamoring that I pay them a visit (I am not sure they would ever extend an invitation if I actually do visit them :D). Durga pujo seemed like a good time, but things didn't pan out. Will plan something in the future (though God does harakiri with most of my plans).

PS: Since I believe your a foodie and given your time constraints, try Peppers gourmet kitchen in Madgaon. I love their goan food. And if possible, visit Benaulim (a little further away from Colva which is next door to BetalBatim) beach. For food, you got Martin's, Fishka nearby. I also like a place called Ben n Sands (more of a drivers stop food joint).
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Colva Residency at Colva beach is a very good option.


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