South Goa with Kids
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South Goa with Kids

Hi everyone,

we are thinking about going to Patnem with our 7 months old and our 2,5yrs old. We have been to India (and Patnem) many times before albeit never with kids, so we have a few questions for those who have.

Are there any hospitals in Southern Goa with a children's unit or with Western standards? I am looking nearby, so max distance Margao (I have read there is Manipal International in Panjim but it's a bit far).

Does anyone have recent experience with Vindravan Playschool?

How easy is it to turn up and rent a house? All of our previous visits it wasn't much of a problem but we usually went a bit more at the very end of the season.

So what's happening with the cash crisis, is that still affecting much?

Any other families around? :D

Thanks everyone!

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