september in Goa
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september in Goa

hi, I'll be in Goa in the last two weeks of September. I heard that the season is starting on 1st of October...even u think it is possible to find a boat for Pigeon Island + Grand Island ?
Even the season is not quite there possible to go snorkeling? I mean how is the sea water condition in the end of September in Goa?
Alternatively: do anybody recommends any other destination for snorkeling in India during the end of September?


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Goa is almost always LOUSY for snorkelling - the visability is almost always really bad. Maybe its something to do with having a major international shipping lane 3 miles offshore, but I think its more to do with the ocean's currents. Whatever the cause, there is always lots of raised sand. I hear that there are islands offshore about 30 minutes boat ride where the vis is a bit better, but forget shore dives.
Also, in September when you are there, the sea is still in its monsoon phase - that means that its big surf most days. It doesn't get to a swimmable state until October or even November, then its lovely, but the vis. is still bad.

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thanx Annie!
do you think that I can find something better, for snorkeling, late in September in India? What about the east coast? Or may be Lakshadweep...?
Otherwise I've better leave it over to Oktober:)
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As far as I know India isn't much of a snorkeller's or diver's destination, period. The east coast I'm unaware of any opportunities, there's just not much going on by way of accessible coral nor seaweed forests or anything like that, don't ask me why, must be local conditions, or it's an extremely well-kept secret that you'd think would have been exploited by now. There seem to be some developments in Goa yes, whether that's any good or just to cater to a market I couldn't tell you. The islands seem to be the marvelous and famed exception yes (partly or most of them coral islands), the Lakshadweep however don't come cheaply I think, as in quite expensive, and they all seem to be more involved in view of getting there, so I don't know about a two-week trip.
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I'd agree with that, in my limited knowledge. The diving in Goa is really aimed at the tourists and not real quality diving, mainly because of the poor vis. Thre is a dive 'school' but its not up to much, although they do try.
And I haven't heard of anywhere else around the Indian coastline that is good.
I think that Thailand might be better, and I don't know about Sri Lanka. Sorry.

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The Andaman and Nicobar islands offer the best snorkelling in India. Lakshadweep is pretty good as well. Goa is not a suitable place for diving and especially in September it is not advisable.

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