RIP Manohar Parrikar
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RIP Manohar Parrikar

I met him a couple of times - imho a pleasant, clever man.

Pancreatic cancer is very nasty - pity the poor chap had to be toted around as some sort of political talisman.
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| Suryaa
Not long ago I saw a video clip of him traveling in a Second AC compartment. He missed his flight. (Nope, he didn’t delay the departure of the flight). He goes to the railway station and boards a train as there was no alternative. He engages with the fellow travelers in conversation. He was either a central minister or chief minister at that time. First IITian to become an MLA. A selfless worker and a patriot he was that even opposition party MLAs (conditionally) wanted only him to be the Chief Minister in order to support his party. Hence he was sent back to state from center a couple of years ago. India needs more such politicians.
| Clueless
| Maha Guru Member
He came to Ahmedabad and met our local IIT group and had lunch with us. Pleasant unassuming chap. At that time he was neither the CM nor the DM. And the then CM, (and now the PM) also came by.
He talked straight. A good chap. RIP
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Like all he was neither an angel nor a demon but something in between with occasional touching of either bases. It’s difficult to judge someone from a few meetings or newspaper reports, we get to see only the mask, the man always remains hidden. That’s my general thought about almost any public figure.

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