Mumbai to Goa driving
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Mumbai to Goa driving

folks - can someone clarify how long the 4-lane highway lasts from mumbai to goa. is it only till nipani, belgaum or goes further? Also after 4-lane highway ends, does it really require an expert driver to get through the remaining roads? PLanning travel next month


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Primarily, there are two routes that can be opted from Bombay to Goa.

1. Bombay - Goa via National Highway 66
2. Bombay - Pune - Kolhapur - Goa via combination of Bombay-Pune Expressway, NH48 and NH66

Route 1 is a two lane highway throughout unless some one wants to update on the 4 lane work progress. But this road till Alibaug is terrible [almost always] and better to be avoided. One can argue this route to be scenic though.

Route 2 is the safer and faster option. From the routes that I have opted on this stretch, there are three options to get to Goa.
2.a - Kolhapur - Radhanagari - Fonda - On to NH66 - Although my experience is a bit dated (say 4 years roughly), this is a nice drive that passes through Dajipur forest with minimal traffic but better be done during day light. I would not be able to comment on the current road condition on this though.

2.b - Nippani - Ajara - Amboli - Banda - On to NH66 - This passes through the Amboli ghat and is the most preferred route usually. The ghat road was decent in last December but can't say anything post the rainy season. The view during rainy season is nice on this route.

2.c - Belgaum - Chorla - Sanquerim - This route, albeit the longest, would have the best road quality throughout. It passes through the Chorla ghats and is a pleasure to drive on, especially the Karnataka section. I usually prefer this one while coming back from Mapusa as I do the Chorla early morning and Bombay-Pune expressway at night.

The 4 lane highway would last till the point you divert from the NH48 on route 2. If you have decent driving experience, have done few ghats around Maharashtra you should be fine. But drive safe, follow lanes, use lights, and other safety measures. For specific advice, you need to tell your own driving experience and the kind of roads that you have navigated on.

Do let me know if you have specific queries on this.
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Did you get to go on that drive from Mumbai to Goa. Which way did you choose? How was your experience? How was the entire trip?

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