GOA: No longer what it used to be
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GOA: No longer what it used to be

I visited Goa numerous time during the early and late nineties. Loved the place: the beaches, the parties, the friendly people, the food everything was out of the world. There was something about the place that kept taking me back.

Then I left the country for greener pastures only to come back and find out that the G O A is no longer there in Goa.

It is filled with unfriendly Russians and fat/low class Europeans (The English in majority). It was DISGUSTING!!!!!!

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fat/low class Europeans

Try Karnataka beaches or Kerala shores or Konkan beaches some are very good
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the sheer ignorance
of someone moaning that something is not as it was does my head in, things change, i am sure in the nineties people from the 80's were moaning that it is not as good,
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I am not a Grandpa: moaning about how good things were back in the day.......... I am just trying to compare my two visits and pointing out that how things have deteriorated.

I am just saying that the foreign crowd there is just for the cheap booze and drugs. Every freaking person; who is bottom of the barrel back home comes to India and acts like he is god's gift to this country and the entire economy is running on his petty money. I mean what makes a place is not the monuments but the people. And Goa is all about tourists. And that was the most disappointing part. Besides the lack of parties and yada yada yada
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There is some truth to what you say SM. But, who you have to deal with depends on where you hang out. If one were to stay in 5 star hotels, they would mingle with the cream of Indian society. After all rooms run $250-300/night during peak season. the rest of Goa is being exploited by tour groups an inexpensive tourist destination.
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the sheer ignorance
of someone moaning that something is not as it was does my head in, things change, i am sure in the nineties people from the 80's were moaning that it is not as good,

Exactly. In the early nineties I came to Calangute first time. On the beach was hardly any shack or other place selling drinks one could find, there was more cows than tourists and the only place to dance in the night was Titos, where people like me as average tourists were often enough affronted by the long-term stayers, dropouts, gran-hippies etc. as "destroyer of their paradise" and "the evil capitalists". And nowadays?

So much for the good old times. It´s always the people and never the time. My opinion.
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Goa's good old days are gone much longer than you think. We were in Colva Beach in 1975 and went back in 2000 and I was so freaked out I didn't want to step out of my room. The shock was unbelievable. I refused to even go to the beach until we were there a couple of days I was so upset.

Colva our first trip had maybe 15 people on the beach, the narrow road that led to the beach was quiet & empty, there was nothing there but one small hotel and pristine beaches as far as you could see. In 2000 there were easily 10,000 people, buses, pollution, garbage. It was one of the worst beaches I've been to. It actually had become a major Indian tourist destination and there weren't many foreigners.

When I wrote about this here on IM awhile ago I was attacked for it. The usual hostility that comes with talking about the "good old days". I understand that. I just wish I had known & we wouldn't have gone back to Colva. I would check out other beaches that are supposed to still be lovely.

I know things change--most things have changed since our first time there, but sometimes it's still a shock!
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I am in Goa now for 4 months, i agree it is not what it used to be, i remember the times before major tourism, however i am english, maybe a few pounds over weight but certainly don,t consider myself to be low class, most of the english tourists i know in Goa are retired professional people who come to enjoy the winter weather and the company of friends, nobody i know uses drugs, and i can get booze cheaper in the UK pubs than in some of the shacks in North Goa, please don't tar everybody with the same brush.
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It is filled with unfriendly Russians and fat/low class Europeans (The English in majority). It was DISGUSTING!!!!!!

Though hardly a fan of present day Goa myself, I must object to this as a prejudiced and objectionable generalisation.

(For example, I once met a Russian lady who was hardly unfriendly.)
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thinking in categories is oh so healthy
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It is filled with unfriendly Russians and fat/low class Europeans (The English in majority).

Send some slim upper class twits. Much more fun to be with at a party.:rolleyes:

:Beer :Beer :Beer
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my two cents on the russian thing is ..................they are very rude most of the time i see them interacting with anyone non russian, i have met very cool Russians but sadly they make, in my opinion the Israeli's seem like the most easygoing crew ever.
people will probably have ago at me for this , but if they just said please and thank you it would be cool
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i,too agree that goa has lost its touch. but not totally !
it's still the no.1 destination in india - hands down !!
u say beaches r dirty,people destroying paradise,etc.
well baga is filled with fat germans/brits in their speedos that look like blue band-aids...so JUST GO TO PALOLEM..it is by far the most peacuful and beautiful beach...
for people into crazy partyin and drugs..we have the famous parties..
so i say goa just has evrything for everyone..if u dont like it...u have an alternative..
so i guess people shouldnt crib about it...
i c people cribbin everytime..and this isnt the 1st thread similar to the topic..yet 10s of thousands flock to goa each year..
so jus take that beer and enjoy goa !!
cheers !!
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My opinion: People from different cultures, especially when they are hanging out together, are not particularly aware or sensitive to things they do (that might be offensive). I'm sure Russians act the same in Russia where their behavior is familiar & no one notices. Russian immigrants in the U.S. can be very overbearing & rude. Again, apparently, this works out OK where they are from but makes them stand out in the U.S.

Israeli immigrants in the U.S. who often have certain types of businesses have a terrible reputation for trying to cheat you. Because they are!!

It's just that what worked at home, doesn't translate in a new country.

I'm convinced that the next generation, if they grow up in the country that was new to their parents, will have adjusted and adopted the behaviors of their new country & get along much better.

Of course, everyone isn't like that, but enough people are to create the wrong impression.

It's not limited to Russians or Israelis, Americans had a terrible reputation for years as being loud, whiny & insensitive wherever they went. Some probably still are, but I think we're doing better.[happy]
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hahahaha...i still think the americans could sew anyone for anything..its like they are born to sew people..
but i hear ya..NOTHING compared to the russians and israelis..
no offense..but i think americans are good..u dont need to compare them to anyone...
as a matter of fact, the brits could get loud n whiny..n tend to say things out of anger that might offend one.
its like the russians,israelis and brits think they r at the top..they own u..so stubborn arrogant ,etc. etc.
i have noticed this for myself on my last visit to goa..
also, i live in a place of multi-ethnicity...i c it myself..its just about what kind of environment you are brought up in or a major factor , wherever you are brought up ,its HOW u have been brought up..
these backpackers..lived all their lives in their country..suddenly its booom !! lets go india..our currency is stronger..they r inferior..
this kind of attitiude is just rubbish !!