Goa early September
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Goa early September

Hi all - Will be in Goa early September but heard it’s a lousy time to be there, is this right? First time to India! Will be doing an organized Ladakh tour on motorbike, so that’s all taken care of. {offtopic} Then will have a week or so in Goa which I have no plans for – whole thing was kinda short notice. Anyone have any tips where to stay that time of year? First time on holiday alone (hmmm..) so much appreciated if anyone in Goa wants to meet up for a drink, point me in the right direction, or can recommend where to stay…Cheers! :Beer

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I can't actually help you, but I'm certainly interested in the answer, as I'm planning to head south (kerala) shortly myself.

I've spent a lot of time trying to understand the monsoon. So, when it's likely to start in different regions and when when it's likely to finish.

It appears that it starts in the south in early June, then reaches the rest of the country by early-mid to mid. July.

It apparently then retreats the way it came, leaving the north around the middle of September, finally clearing the south around mid-October.

Then there's the other monsoon (south east?) that effects Tamil Nadu and southern Kerala from October to December.

So, from this, it seems that Goa will have rains until early to mid-October, and Kerala for the rest of the year.

Are there any weather experts here who can confirm this or otherwise?


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