Goa Airport - Prepaid Taxis available?
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Unlikely to have a prepaid booth, though taxi's would be there. Had heard about OLA being available in Goa for sometime. Don't know the present status.
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Does anyone have an updated list of the various pre paid taxi fares at Goa Airport.?
I seem to recall one in the earlier posts around 2005.

Dear Jevs,

My reply is very late obviously and you must have got your info
I just joined today and thought I'd post a recent snapshot .. plus some links to pages having newer fares.. as it may help others



Regards and safe and pleasant travels,
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Hi All.

I would be grateful for some advice on transfers from the airport to Arpora. I am arriving with my daughter at 00.05 on March 2nd. Just the two of us, but we will have three suitcases plus my daughter's electric wheelchair (which surprisingly folds to large suitcase size) and manual wheelchair (dismantles to a rigid seat with separate wheels and fits in the space of one passenger). I'm not certain if everything will fit into a standard taxi so don't know if the prepaid system will cater for this. I had a bad experience unexpectedly arriving in Goa in a wheelchair myself some years ago (see a long way back in this thread), and want to get it right this time.

I have looked at transfer websites and have been quoted 93 Euros for a minibus! Eeeek!

Also, I am hoping to hire a car while out there and wondered if anyone has any recommendations. I don't want to get one from the airport as I've driven my father's car in Goa many times before and know what it is like; I need a few days to get used to the "style" again.;). I am looking for the right thread to ask for this advice.
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Have you checked with the hotel / home stay that you have opted for in Arpora? They might be able to arrange for a pick up from the airport.
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You can try contacting the Goa Airport Public Information Officer, Goa International Airport , Dabolim-403801 (Goa). A friend said they were responsive if they answer!
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Thanks Aarosh and Ravichandar. Sorry it has taken so long to thank you; life interrupted!

I have tried the AirBnB, with no luck. I have now emailled the public information officer.

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