Gay men in Goa

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Let me precursor this question by saying I have no problem with homosexuality or gay men. I have plenty of homosexual friends and to me they are just people. I just ask this out of curiosity.

Since I've arrived in Goa two weeks ago I have been hit on 4 times by Indian men. I also seem to be getting a lot of smiles and eye contact, what gay men in the west would surely call "cruising."

This is not normal for me. I lived in DC for 4 years in the gay area of town, had lots of gay friends, even hung out with them and went to parties and bars with them. None of them ever hit on me as their gaydar told them I'm straight and "ain't gonna change." That, or I wasn't anybody's type.

Yet in just two weeks I had two men tell me I was a very handsome man as I was walking alone on the beach, the barber giving me a shave, who had what I would consider gay mannerisms, asked me if I was gay in a fairly uncomfortable manner, and I've had two guys walk up to me on the street asking me if I wanted a massage.

And, as I said, I feel like I've been "cruised" numerous times.

I consider this all flattery, but I'm just not into men that way.

Am I just reading Indian culture and their mannerisms wrong or are gay men reading me wrong due to cultural barriers?
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It is quite unusual for people to ask you if you are gay in India. I guess some 'straight' men may make comments like 'you are handsome' without any motive, though.

I think gay men are reading you more for economical reasons than cultural ones ... the massage invitations and such, specially.
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Originally Posted by Vigile View Post and I've had two guys walk up to me on the street asking me if I wanted a massage.
Male and Female Caucasian tourists in Goa are asked numerous times whether they want a massage. There are many of these "massage therapists" roaming around all over Goa. These people have no professional training and they are just out to make a fast buck.

There is one other thing that you need to keep in mind and that is that in India it is normal to make eye contact with strangers (male and female). For a European tourist this can be disconcerting at first but you will get used to it.

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