Finding a place to stay - Christmas & New Years
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Finding a place to stay - Christmas & New Years

I am planning to visit Goa between Dec 17 - Begining of Jan. I've made a reservation for a guesthouse online for the first 6 days. Now, what I would like to find out is.. Is it really THAT hard to find a place to stay (without a reservation) during Christmas and NY season?? :confused:

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I dont think so - depends how many are in your party and your taste?
I found somewhere OK last year with a group of people.
what part of Goa u going to?:)
You only live life once - ENJOY!!:woohoo:
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i'm planning to stay in Anjuna/Vagator area. i'll be travelling alone for most of the time. what are the rates for guest houses during christmas/ny season??
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X-mas and NY eve is peak holiday season in Goa, rates shoot up sky high.
Its best to book online now if u plan to be there this year-end.
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Hi Shantious,

Any chance of PM'ing me to tell me which site you booked at? I am having real issues finding somewhere to stay.

If anyone has any suggestions on places that are likely to be available from the 28th Dec - 02 Jan, for about £100 a room a night, I'd be very grateful!!


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