bus to hampi and train back to goa
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bus to hampi and train back to goa


I'm flying to Goa on a saturday afternoon in February, and since my time there is limited but I want to go to Hampi too, I was thinking of taking a night bus the very same day..I know it's a horrible ride,but would save me time.Then I could take the train back on tuesday.
So my question is, where do I go from the airport to catch a (night)bus to Hampi?Do they operate every day? After I get back I want to go to Palolem, is it far from Magdao and how much should I expect to pay for a cab?
Also, I want to go to Anjuna on wednesday for the market, how long (and how much) will a cab be from Palolem to Anjuna and back?
Thanks for any replies, I know I'm gonna be a busy (and very tired) girl but this way I'll get 3 days of doing absolutely nothingcool: in Palolem!

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Night Buses from Goa leave from Mapsua or Panjim.
In Hampi it's best tho stay the other side of the river.
Trains from Hampi to Margao do not run every day. There is a Vasco to Hampi day train (7 hrs) 4 days a week.
Cabs are very expensive, better to take local buses.
Margao is about 3 hrs from Anjuna... better to stay Tuesday night...

Just my two cents:)
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Great, I will definitely stay in Margao tuesday night and go to Anjuna on wed straight from there!Thanks!:)

How far is Panjim from the airport, and has anyone any idea what time the buses depart?
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How far is Panjim from the airport, and has anyone any idea what time the buses depart?

Dabolim Airport (29 km/ 1 hr) Taxi to Panjim charges Rs 500 approx.
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I checked with Cleartrip and there seems to be no trains on tuesdays![cry]
I guess it'll be the bus both ways then..:mad:

Anyone know if I have to prebook them and where can I do that??
Do I need to contact a travel agent or just try to find the right bus and pay the driver?:confused:

Any info on finding the right bus are highly welcome!

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