Visa requirements for Indians to visit Macedonia and Kosovo

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hi all

am planning a short trip to macedonia and kosovo

does anybody have any clear information on the visa requirements for indian passport holders to these countries as am getting conflicting info on the net,some sites suggest that visa is available on arrival whereas others mention that one has to take visa prior to departure from india...any clues?

also if anyone has been here then any suggestions on hotels/hostels places to visit etc would be much appreciated
hoping someone can clear my confusion

thanks in advance for all advise

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I am not too sure this is the right forum to ask.

And I highly doubt you will get any useful info here.

Try MacedoniaMike
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didnt realise thats theres a macedoniamike too
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Originally Posted by ashish442 View Post hi all

am planning a short trip to macedonia and kosovo

according to TIM/IATA

/ 17OCT10 / 2027 UTC

National India (IN)
Destination Kosovo (Rep. of) (RK)

Kosovo (Rep. of) (RK)

Passport required.
- Passports and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
for the period of intended stay.


- Minors having different surnames than the passengers they
are travelling with, must For details, click here
Additional Information:

- Passengers will be granted a 90-day authorisation (stamp) on

Passengers travelling for touristic purposes, must hold

prove thereof (e.g. hotel voucher/reservation or other

Passengers travelling for business purposes, must provide a
sponsor letter of invitation, with prenotification being

given in advance (at least 10 days) to the Border
Authorities at Pristina Int'l. Airport.

Extensions are possible by contacting the Office for

Registration of Foreigners, connected to Pristina Central

Police Station. Applications must be done 15 days prior

visa(stamp) expires. Extensions are usually for another
period of 90 days. However, in the case of spouses and
dependants of UNMIK or KFOR personnel, they can extend their
stay to a max. of one year.
An indefinite period of stay is granted to:
- holders of UNMIK travel documents; or
- holders of an identity card indicating that the holder is

a resident of Kosovo; or
- spouse or dependent family members (under the age of 18
years) of those in the above mentioned categories; or

- those authorised to reside in Kosovo by the relevant
government authorities based on requirements established by

the government and UNMIK; or
- holders of travel documents or identity cards issued by

Serbia (Rep. of).
Temporarily, without authorisation (period of stay

- UNMIK or KFOR personnel; or
- officials of the UN or experts on official UN business
provided holding proof thereof; or
- officials of international intergovernmental organisations

with an established office in Kosovo; or
- officials of liaison offices of foreign governments in
- Attempting to enter Kosovo using false documents or failure

to comply with entry requirements may result in
For details, click here
However note, that you might need a Schengen visa to enter Macedonia. You need to carefully evaluate your options for flying into these two countries from a friendly airport outside. Unless either of the two have a non-stop to India.

/ 17OCT10 / 2030 UTC

National India (IN)
Destination Macedonia (FYROM) (MK)

Macedonia (FYROM) (MK)

Passport required.
- Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
for the period of intended stay.

Visa required, except for A max. single stay of 15 days, up to
a max. of 90 days within a six month period, for holders of a
valid Schengen Type "C" visa.
- Visa must be valid for at least 5 days beyond the period of
intended stay in Macedonia (FYROM) and must be valid to
(re-)enter the Schengen Area TIRGL/SCHN. It must also be
valid for all Schengen Member States. Entry into Macedonia
(FYROM) does not affect the validity of the visa. Used
single entry Schengen visas are not included.
- Unaccompanied minors,For details, click here
Additional Information:

- A valid visa in an expired passport
For details, click here
- In addition to a visa, nationals of India, need approval

from the Ministry of Interior.
- All visitors staying longer than 72 hours
For details, click here
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thanks 4 the deatiled response..
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Indian nationals do require visas to ENTER REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA.And they can be obtained in Macedonian Embassy in NEW DELHI :

Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in New Delhi
Hauz Khaz Enclave K 80 A,
New Delhi 110016, India
00 91 (11) 4614 2603
00 91 (11) 4614 2602
00 91 (11) 4614 2604

Also as already mention the Indian citizens can enter with valid schengen visas with max stay 15 days,and your schengen visas has to be valid for more that period.

For KOSOVO in the moment you do not need visas for entry but is in FORCE on the border or Airport the police require from each persons :

-valid hotel confirmed reservation
-travel health insurances
- to cover your stay min.500 euro

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