Visa from Birmingham UK - daily quota (200)
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Visa from Birmingham UK - daily quota (200 applicants - 700 visas)

I have just been to the Consulate in Birmingham (UK) and was amazed to see they had notices stating they only accepted 200 Visa applications a day. I was further amazed to see people being told to come back tomorrow after the first 200 tickets for the queue had gone. Some people were given tickets after they told the info desk that they had travelled from Lancashire etc but most were told to come back tomorrow.

:mad: I had to get a few documents attested and the staff gave me the runaround. In the end I got fed up and came home. On the phone they tell you one thing. When you get there it is something else and when you return again they tell you something different again. The FCO in London are happy legalising documents without any proof of ID etc. I fail to see why the Indian consulates require passports, photos, underpant size, date of last fart etc etc. If they want more people to invest in India they should buck up their ideas rather than alienating everyone......Rant over. I will go again in the morning to see what new rules they have come up with overnight.

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1500 visa's a day in London. No obvious limit, but it took 7 days to get a visa in Bangkok.

Its India and they want to let you know that before you get there.

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