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Hello again all!

It's that time of the year when the rains are still coming down (thank goodness because we really need it) and when a trip (or two, or three) to the FRO's office is needed!

So, this time I needed to go to the FRO's office to file for a X (Entry) Visa extension. This is part of the process for me because I am married to an Indian Citizen and had to wait the required 1 year after marriage in order to apply for a PIO. Unfortunately for me, that also meant that my 1 year X Visa is also coming up for expiration one month after our 1 year wedding anniversary so we are in a tight squeeze.

After searching and scanning and reading and researching and calling and getting the run around, I found out quite a lot.

1) There is NO one official site on the internet that lists exactly the forms that you need to bring for your location.

2) Every location in India has different rules and forms.

3) I can't apply for my PIO in Pune and they suggest I do not apply in Mumbai as it's faster to just take a couple day vacation up to New Delhi and apply for the PIO directly with the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs). I feel, after everything I've gone through, that this is a wise decision. FYI: I could also apply in Mumbai but they would just send it to New Delhi anyway and then who knows how long it would take to start processing. So, we're off to Delhi in October. VACA! Woot!


While I was in the FRO's Office, I snagged an extra copy of the Application for for Visa Extension Form and am attaching it here.

On the back it lists EVERYTHING that you would need to have with you in order to apply for an extension no matter what Visa you have.


I also attached the PDF's of forms commonly needed by the PUNE FRO for Foreigner Registration and Foreigner Visa Extension (last).

Also please note that most Visa extensions have to be approved in New Delhi.


I did find, however, one site in particular that was very helpful and had more data than most websites. Here is what the Pune Airport lists and I must admit it was a pretty comprehensive list, even though it wasn't complete.

Pune Airport Site:

For the convenience of the foreigners, however, the FRROs/CHIO/FROs are empowered to make extensions / conversions for certain types of Visas without referring the same to MHA. The details of such powers vested with FRROs etc. are: -

In case of foreigners of Indian origin/foreigner married to Indian citizen/foreigner staying in India for more than 20 years, extension can be given on entry Visa by FRROs for a period of 5 years.

FRRO can condone overstay only upto 3 months, after charging overstay fees of US $ 40 equivalent. Cases of overstay exceeding 3 months are decided by MHA.

FRRO can convert the category of the visa from Tourism to Entry visa in case of foreigners of Indian origin and grant extension upto 5 years with multiple entry facility. For other foreign nationals, only MHA is empowered to convert the category of the visa.

1 Rs. 1860/- (US$ 40) All kinds of visa other than transit and student visas valid upto to 6 months (multiple entry)

2 Rs. 3025/- (US$ 65) All kinds of visa other than transit and student visas valid for over 6 months and upto 1 year (multiple entry)

3 Rs. 6050/- (US$ 130) All kinds of visa other than transit and student visas valid for over 1 year and upto 5 years (multiple entry)

4 Rs. 470/- (US$10) Transit visa (valid for 15 days-single/double entry)

5 Rs. 3490/- (US$ 75) Student visa (valid for the duration of the course or for a period of five years, whichever is less-multiple entry)

6 Rs. 1395/- (US$ 30) Overstay or Late Registration Charges


4. X Visa:
1) Proof of Indian origin
2) Request from company that his/her VISA may be extended co-terminus to his/her spouse (the spouse being on Employment Visa)
5. Student Visa: Bonafide certificate from school/college by the authorized signatory of the institute mentioning the course being undertaken.
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