visa 6 months is not 6 months but 180 days, how to extend?
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visa 6 months is not 6 months but 180 days, how to extend?

me and my english boyfriend applied for a visa in holland.
they told us on the phone that we would be able to get a
visa 1st of June - 1st of December. When we got to the
embassy, the rules seemed to have changed, and we can't
get a visa untill the 1st, we got it untill the 28th of November.
The would not change it one bit. We know now that their
six months is actually 180 days, but they should have told us
on the phone ! On the internet there is nothing about 180 days
either. We must rebook our flights now, or is there anyone who
knows how to extend this visa? And how much is the fee for
leaving India a few days later then you're supposed to?
Thank you... We're leavong tomorrow...

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Very odd. Here are my visa dates and durations from London

19/08/1999 18/02/2000 183
10/04/2001 09/10/2001 182
26/02/2002 25/08/2002 180
04/08/2003 03/02/2004 183
12/07/2004 11/01/2005 183
05/01/2005 04/07/2005 180

Clearly calendar months and clearly one can get extra days by choosing the dates carefully.

As I understand it tourist visas are absolutely non-convertible and non-extendable. Please see This link for visa information.
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Perhaps try to figure out how much the overstay penalty for 3 days is, and also if there are any reprecussions for later stays if you overstay. It might be worth it to just pay the fine.
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we rebooked.... there's no other way

apparently we can't even leave holland with this visa and a flight back on the first ! they would not let us board the plane here... there is no way the embassy will change the 180 days to 183, so we rebooked our flights and the last option is to charge the money to the insurance company... bummer.
thanks for helping out and i think it is really stupid that six months is apparently not six months in holland, but it is in england. well, anyway, we're about to enjoy a six-month stay in India, we'll forget about this soon !
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I think there is a lesson to be learned here, many consulate/embassy web sites say that you should not book your tickets until a visa is granted.
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that is right, but... you can't get your visa earlier than the date of issue
so the visa is granted on the same day it is valid from...
and booking a flight for the next day is very expensive !
anyway, the lesson, i think is: don't be too thight on the days, don't book exactly 6 months.....!! [shock]
thanks for all the replies...!
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1 June to 1 December would have been 6 calendar months plus one day. If you check my visa dates the equivalent would be 1 June to 30 November.
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The visa stay limit has always been 180 days. You say is did not say so on the website. But did it say "6 months" instead. If it did, you may have a case. If it did not -- welcome to working with the Indian govt, where customer service, accuracy and accountability do not exist.

Just overstay.
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Curious. I just went to look at the HCI London site, and it doesn't mention any fixed period at all --- just "short duration".

The dates I quote above are all from computer-produced adhesive visas, and all are for six calendar months. I have one visa predating this system: that is a rubber stamp with "Six" [months] written on it.
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Your visa is multiple entry. During your time in India, you could spend a few days in Dubai or Colombo or somewhere else and get a new, six-month visa. They'll just cancel the old one and start you on the six-month clock again.
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Yeah, I got screwed by those darned months with 31 days, and of course, procrastination. 6 months = 183 days in my case. Ooops. Idiot me!!

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