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redleader Aug 1st, 2005 08:30

Travel Insurance
Ok, I'm not quit sure where to post this, so if its totally in the wrong place, my apologies!

I'm going to India/Nepal in October and need to by Travel Insurance. Just have some questions such as, how does travel insurance work and if anyone can recommend a good company for travel insurance?


cyberhippie Aug 1st, 2005 10:20

Travel insurence works in a variety of ways but it basically pays for any EMErGENCY hospsital treatment you may need whilst on holiday!
Further some will repatriate you when you are ill!!
One of the better (and cheaper) insurences I've come across is the one that works in partnership with the Lonely Planet, from a my point of view cheap with good coverage!!

chilli Aug 1st, 2005 11:18

Ive purchased my insurance a few times now with 1cover (search under '1cover' travel insurance- you book online - very easy, and they are absolutely comparable in term of cover to other providers, and offer a cheaper rate. Theyre underwritten by Alliance. We have 4 weeks in India coming up, and for 2 of us travelling together its only $220.

skell Aug 1st, 2005 22:06

I've used World Nomads several times and am using them again for an upcoming trip. Their cost is very reasonable and it is easy to sign up online and to make changes online or contact them once you are on the road.

Also, as a repeat customer, I get a discount. :)

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