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Hello all,
I am going to be applying for my first Indian visa in a couple weeks. My problem - supplying proof of address. I am a US citizen, but have been living in Korea for the past year and a half. Technically speaking I am still a US resident and was planning on applying for my Indian visa when I am home visiting friends and family in a couple weeks. However, I just read that either a copy of a driver's license or a major utility bill is required to apply for an Indian tourist visa. I lost my driver's license a year ago, and no longer live in the US so I can't provide the utility bill. I could apply for a replacement license once I am home, but this will take a couple weeks to be processed and I will only be home for a couple weeks, and have already booked my flight.

So ... how strictly is the proof of address requirement taken when applying for a tourist visa? Is it possible to use a temporary license as proof of residency? Had I known about this earlier i would have just applied for my visa from Korea, but it is now too late as I am leaving Korea at the end of the week. I have never needed to prove my address for a tourist visa before, so this requirement took be by surprise. If anyone else has been in a similar situation please let me know how it turned out

Thanks and Peace
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"Resident" and "Citizen" are 2 seperate concepts and you may be confusing between them. Since you'd only be home for "visiting" friends and relatives, even though you would be in US, you would still be a resident of Korea.

When you are applying for the tourist visa, you would have to provide the address of your permanent residence (that of Korea). You would have some documents to prove that.

Recent events in India have resulted in a ovehaul of the visa process.

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