PIO-Do i have enough proof?
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PIO-Do i have enough proof?


Firstly, thanks to all who replied to my previous posts re pio. I have been in India for 2.5 years on a business visa but want to get a PIO. My Grandparents are Indian. As proof i have my grandparents' naturalization papers stating place of birth Punjab. It also states my Grand Father's Indian passport number. The document was issued in Kenya by the British commission, allowing my Grandparents to become British subjects. I also have my Grandmother's British passport stating her place of birth being Punjab. I also have my Dad's birth certificate linking him to his parents and my birth certificate linking him to me. Is this enough to get pio?? i don't have grandparent's birth certificate.

Would love some good advice on this. Some ppl i talk to say i must have more, like a birth certificate of my grandparents, others say i''l be fine. what do u think?

thanks in advance

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