onward tickets and bank accounts?

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don't know if i'm posting this in the right place or not...

so i'm planning on heading out with a one way ticket on a 5 year multiple entry visa, but i've heard that without an onward ticket customs won't issue you a travel visa. i know in some countries they make you buy a ticket at the airport for very expensive prices. anyone know the situation? i'd really not like to buy a round trip ticket if i don't have to.

and can travelers open up foreign currency bank accounts? if all goes well then i'm planning on staying in the region for some time and i would love to not have to worry about my piggy bank all the time. alternatives? i have a bank card but it doesn't seem to work very well in other countries.
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I don't know about the bank account.

The single ticket question has been raised before, I don't think any of our members have had a problem with a single ticket, if asked, you could always say that your departing overland to Nepal.

BTW, Welcome to indiamike.com
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When I applied for my 6 month visa I had to enclose a copy of a return ticket. You could probably obtain the 5 year visa without the return ticket (who would anyway have 5 years worth of return tickets....)
In India nobody asked to see the return ticket.
A bit off the question: a return ticket could actually be cheaper than a one-way-ticket depending on airline etc.
I do not know about the foreing currency bank account, but if you have a visa or mastercard you should have no trouble.
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bank accounts.

If you are an NRI, you can open accounts locally in foreign or local currencies easily.

Those work/study in india open accounts with local banks. I'm not sure if you are on a tourist visa and can open a savings account. Checkup with one of the nearest branch of any indian banks near your city. (SBI,Indian bank,IOB etc has branches abroad). Many foreign banks also operate in india.They may be available only at a few metros or large cities. I know BOA has many branches in India.
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hey hey! right on!

that was all very very useful information.

thanks a bunch!
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Bank Accounts

The Reserve Bank of India permits opening of Non-Resident [ordinary] account in Indian Rupees by Foreign Nationals coming to India for temporary stay for tourism/medical help/etc. with banks for period not exceeding six months. Such accounts are closed at the time of
departure of the foreign national from India.

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