One way ticket
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One way ticket

Hello everyone,

I'm going to India in Oct 06 :D and want to get a one way ticket, but I'm worried I won't be allowed into India without a return ticket, or proof I will be leaving after my 6mth stay. Can anyway put my mind at rest:confused: I'm hoping the trouble in Nepal will calm down as one option was to fly to Nepal with a stop over in India, this will sort this problem out but as yet this looks unlikely with all the trouble going on out there[cry] .

I'm also considering booking up two nights in a hotel/guest house recommend in the Lonely Planet, as some of them have an email address, so I thought I could arrange this via email before I leave. I only want a budget place and only considering doing this so if my pack goes missing I will have an address to give to forward it on once it arrives. Can any one suggest a cheap, but comfy :cool: place as I'll be jet lagged and will need to get over the cultural shock [Blush] also the heat when I arrive (it's been 12 yrs since I was last in India so I would imagine it's changed quite a lot [whoa] ).

Thank you and I've found this site already very usful

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You can arrive with a one-way ticket. It's not a problem.
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one way ticket and hotel booking?

Thanks that's a relief. Any advise on my other queries? :confused:
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Please bear in mind that sometimes it is cheaper to buy a return ticket than to buy a one way ticket.

I remember a relative needing a one way ticket from Birmingham(UK) to Delhi in 2004. It was actually cheaper to buy a discounted return ticket than to buy a one way ticket on the same airline. My relative used the ticket for the flight out then bought a single ticket back to the UK from India.
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one way ticket

thanks for the infor.:D
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In recent years the Embassy doesn't ask to see the ticket when issuing the tourist visa, and no one at Indian immigration in new Delhi has ever checked my ticket.

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