OCI card application for child through surrogacy

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OCI card application for child through surrogacy

I am an OCI single father and am trying to find out if any parent was successful in getting an OCI card issued to their child born through surrogacy in a foreign country.

Feels like children of surrogacy are discriminated inexplicably for OCI even though the children have Indian origin roots (parent, grand parents).

If anyone went through this process, kindly share your experience.
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In India, surrogacy is presumed to be the legitimate child of the intended parents and has all the legal rights to parental support, inheritance and all other privileges which a child born naturally to the intended parents would have had. If that is the case, than why would OCI be a problem? Whose name is it as a father of the child on birth certificate? If you are OCI card holder, than your child has a right of OCI as far as I'm aware.
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