New OCI Application in UK - Timelines
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New OCI Application in UK - Timelines


Any idea how long it currently takes for a OCI application status to change from "UnderProcess" to the next stage.

I sent my application to the London HCI on 4th of March,10 and it was acknowledged on the 25th of March,2010.

No further updates are shown on "OCI Online Services".

Any idea how long are the OCI processing times currently?
How would I know or be intimated if there was any problem with my application?

Many thanks in advance

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If your application is straight forward then you should have received it by now; On the other hand, if there are perceived incongruences or an anomaly it could take quite a while.
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We applied on 23 March and still not showing anything on the status page so nothing to worry about.

I know a few others who also applied on 23 March and they also have nothing showing on the online page.
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OCI Application Timeline

I have submitted my application for OCI on 31st March 2010 in HCL UK and the status is still showing under process, not printed.Generally HCL India attend any enquiries about OCI only after 90 days or 3 months. So we have to wait for at least three months to complete befor we raise any issue. Hopefully it should be completed before before the 90 days period expires.:D

All the best every one who are in the waiting list.

I will keep you all posted as soon my status would be changed.

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