Marrying in india then moveing to UK
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Marrying in india then moveing to UK

Iam goin over to india to marry my boyfriend, he is and indian citizen and im a uk citizen.

first of all, i need to know what visa i need to go over there with. and the bigger problem im having is what visa he needs to come back to the uk to live with me.
i have read that we need aproval but thats only for marriages in uk. do we need this if we marry in india?

aswell will our marriage be approved as valid in the uk as its a religious wedding we are having?

plz help

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You will have to go to India on a tourist visa: no other form of visa is available to you until after marriage.

You should check out the UK Border Agency website. You have a lot of studying to do to learn about UK immigration --- or he has, seeing as how he is the one doing the immigrating! ;). It is not necessarily simple, and not somthing that about which quick answers can be given, especially not on an Indian travel site.

If you feel it is all a bit too much to take in, I suggest you ask your local Citizens' Advice Bureau for help: I think they are very usd to dealing with immigration enquiries.

Re your Indian wedding: my suggestion is that you should register it in India, either at the same time as (registrar can be paid to attend) or soon after the religious wedding.

You do not need any approval from UK to get married. As long as you are over 18, it is your right and freedom to marry anywhere in the world! That does not mean that immigration for your new husband is automatic, so please take a long, long look at the British visas site mentioned, and take professional advice if you need it.
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