Marrying in India
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Marrying in India

hi every1

Well i dont wanna bore you by my intro. I'm really confused and need help. I'm an indian national living in saudi arabia. My fiancee is a british national living in UK. Noe due to the saudi rules she cannot come here and get married to me. So, the thing is that can anyone plz help with a few questions?

1) What kind of visa is needed for my fiancee to come to india and get married to me.(btw we both are muslims)

2) About the 30 days period, do we both have to stay in india or can it be either one of us or can anyone else take a date on our behalf?

3) After we get married, how do i apply to goto the UK? Which UK embassy do i and my would be wife have to go so that i can apply.


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Welcome to IM. For starters, search the site on terms like 'marrying foreigner' and most of your questions will be answered, as this topic comes up a lot - then post any remaining questions.
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thanx..ill look into it n get back

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