Is my multiple entry VISA valid for travel

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I have a British Passport and was granted a multiple entry TouristVisa in October 2012 which is valid until April 2013

I travelled to Cochin in November. I need to travel to Delhi in a couple of weeks and I notice that the VISA has 'COCHIN' written on it just below the sentence: "STAY DURING EACH VISIT NOT TO EXCEED 180 DAYS". I do not understand - what does this mean ? Can I not fly to Delhi? Surely a Visa is for the country and not for cities??

Can some body please reassure me that it is o.k. to travel to Delhi with this VISA and that I won't be hassled by the authorities there......

By the way I am not getting straight answers from VFS ....

Thanking in advance.
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You can go in and out of Delhi before the date printed on your visa.

Surely a Visa is for the country and not for cities??
Some nationals are restricted indeed to port of entry. Bangladesh & Pakistan nationals come into mind
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Normal for VFS, they may not know..
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congrats @edwardseco, post #10,000!

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