India-Nepal border - employment visa troubles - help!

#1 Mar 19th, 2011, 10:59
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This is my first time posting to IndiaMike. I am in a bit of a conundrum and would appreciate any advice--the sooner the better!

I am in India for almost six months total, and have arrived on an Employment visa, since I am working for an NGO for three months on the latter end of my trip. The first half of my trip will be spent traveling in northern India, to Nepal, and via train to Karnataka to work at the NGO. Clearly I should just have gotten a tourist visa but I can't change it now.

I am technically required to register my visa within 14 days of arrival, but as I was informed by the foreign registration office yesterday, I can only register my visa in Bangalore since the NGO I will be working with (eventually) is based there. Unfortunately I am in Delhi now and--as I mentioned--had planned a long trip in North India and through Nepal before heading to Bangalore to work with the NGO.

I can't imagine that being "unregistered" will be a problem if I stay in India--save for a late registration fee when I arrive in Bangalore--but it might pose a problem if I try to leave for Nepal and come back. I am considering making a HUGE detour to Bangalore now (by plane probably) to register myself but I'm not sure if this is necessary or would even solve my problems.

Basically, I would love any advice or info from those who have crossed the border by land (at any of the major crossings) regarding your experience with immigration officers there. are they very strict? Are they likely to hassle me over this registration?? Just to be clear, I have a six-month multiple-entry visa...

Many thanks in advance for any help.
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At the border they'll know you're not registered because once you are, they write your file number on the visa page. I have heard of people who are not registered being refused departure.

It all depends on the official you deal with... and how scrupulous he/she is. You may be able to say something like you've been busy travelling for your job all over India and haven't had the chance to register yet, and that you promise to do so on your return...

Otherwise it may be worth coming to Bangalore to register but this can take time and you'll have to get a bunch of documents together, including a proof of address.

Another idea is to scrap the trip to Nepal...

Best of luck and happy travels!
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You do have a dilemma!

Most regular posters on this forum, myself included, will usually advise people to follow the rules, as we all know of people who have got themselves in an almighty mess by not doing so.

Your case is not so clear cut though. If you go to Banaglore and register, it will take time, involves lots of paperwork, and, once completed, there is a chance that a condition of your registration will be that you have to apply for permission to leave, which may or may not be granted so early in your stay. There is no way of second guessing this - some FRRO/FRO's insist on some holders of employment visas getting an "exit stamp" from them, others don't.

To be honest i think you've a better chance of being able to follow your planned itinerary if you forget about registering for now, and travel to Nepal. As jumpingfrog says you can always tell them at the border that you intend to regsiter as soon as you reach Bangalore. The officials at the land border posts do seem to be more "flexible" than those at the airports. The worst that can happen is that they refuse to let you out, but i think this is unlikely. Once in Nepal, i don't see any problem in returning to India as you can then say that you are going directly to Bangalore to register.

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