Employment Visa - Canadian Born with Pakistani Origin
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Employment Visa - Canadian Born with Pakistani Origin

Hello All,
I appreciate your help with the below question. I have researched previous threads but haven't been able to find the answer.

My situation:
1) I am Canadian born and hold no other nationality. My parents are Canadian nationals (have been for about 40 years) but have held Pakistani nationality in the past.

2) I have in the past been granted a 3 month single entry visa to India. I went to Delhi for two days on that visa and returned. Processing time was ~3 months and my application went to the MHA in Delhi for clearance.

3) I have received a job offer from a company in India and will accept the offer. The job offer meets all the requirements for having a foreigner work in India (ie technical expert / salary >$25k per year etc).

4) I will now apply for an employment visa for myself and a X visas for my family.


1) Is there anyone on here who is of Pakistani origin that has successfully obtained an employment visa? Or does anyone know anybody that has? If so - do you know how long it took?

2) Would I apply for myself and family at the same time? Or get my visa first and then apply for the family's visas?

Thanks in advance for your help everyone.

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E visa is a different kettle of fish. Try, no harm - Don't leave your day job as the saying goes :)
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Yes - definitely no plans to give notice to my current employer until I have the E Visa. But have you ever heard of anyone of Pakistan origin actually getting one. I blocked out some time today to scour the internet but so far have not found anything. A few threads have been started, but no final results ever posted.
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Well, I am having a good time navigating through the realities of getting an employment visa given my heritage. Luckily there is a rather straightforward and helpful fellow down at the High Commission who is proving to be generous with his time and helpful in his response to my queries.

It looks like I will be able to get an employment visa with some time and effort. My contract will be for 4 yrs, but unfortunately they don't seem to be willing to issue an E visa for anything other than 6 months.

My question to the experts out there:

- anyone have any experience renewing a 6 month employment visa in india? Is it the same process as renewing a 12 month visa, and how long does it normally take these days?

Thanks in advance for your continued help.
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Hello Again All,

Well, I didn't receive many responses to this thread, but it did get quite a large number of views so I am assuming that there are quite a few people interested in the result.

I want everyone to know that it is in fact possible to get an employment visa even if you are considered by the current rules to be of "Pakistan Origin".

I successfully received my employment visa and concurrently received entry visas for my family members. They are 6 month visas which can be renewed in India and valid for multiple entries. Due to the fact that my name had been previously cleared for a business visa, the e visa in fact only took a couple of weeks to issue.

I thought I would post the positive conclusion, as I came across alot of threads that started out this topic, but I could not find anywhere on the internet anyone who publicly came back with a final conclusion.

My Tips for the process:

1) If you are going to go into this process as someone of Pakistan origin, then be prepared to be extremely patient. It is going to take a long time and no amount of complaining will make it better. Also, it doesn't really matter how weak the connection to Pakistan is, if it is there then you have to follow the process that is laid out for the connection. (for example I don't really have any connection personally - I'm Canadian born and bred in every conceivable way. There is probably a maple leaf tattooed to my heart!). Just accept it and you will be much less stressed.

2) If you are going for a business visa don't pay for anything more than a single entry 3 month visa for the first go. That is all you will get. The outsource company that deals with giving out visas will happily take your money for a one year or any other visa and won't give you that information. It's not devious, they just don't know. If they knew, they wouldn't make the connection that it would be a good idea to tell you. It's not their responsibility in their mind.

3) You are also going to have to realize that the people they hire at the outsource companies for the visas are cheap labour. Again, not that you should complain about it, but if you are going to go into this process then go in with as much information as you can get. The employees honestly are generally not very good and most I dealt with wouldn't win any awards for customer service, knowledge of their business or a proactive approach to the task before them. You can probably replicate and quickly exceed the depth of their knowledge about Indian Visas with a couple of hours of internet searching and reviews of checklists, all of which are conveniently provided on their websites.

4) Print out the checklist for your visa and make sure you follow it exactly. (should be obvious but I noticed alot of people at the visa centre made it harder for themselves by not following the procedure exactly). When handing in your application, point to each item on the checklist, and then show them how you are giving them exactly what is on there. I think they are evaluated based on ensuring that everything on the checklist is included in the application, so if you can do their job for them then it will make things easier for you.

5) Always be very polite. Yes it's true that you shouldn't know more than them, and yes maybe they don't have a good attitude. These are not people who will be great at their job - but you aren't trying to change the world. What is the upside of being rude to them? You just need to get a visa so do whatever you can to get through with a smile....

Good luck to all.
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Originally posted by: YYZPEK View Post

I want everyone to know that it is in fact possible to get an employment visa even if you are considered by the current rules to be of "Pakistan Origin".

I successfully received my employment visa and concurrently received entry visas for my family members. They are 6 month visas which can be renewed in India and valid for multiple entries.

Great News. Congratulations ! Thanks for getting back and letting others know..
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thanks for the update, i hope to get over there some time next year but will have to go through the same process. i have always had no problem getting a visa. i have a very distant connection to pakistan, do'nt speak urdu, have a christian name and am very very english in every conceivable way. congratulations on getting through.
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Further update to help anyone else who is in the same situation as me.

I renewed my Employment Visa and X (dependent Visas) for my family.
Initial Visas were only for six months, but the visas were all extended for one year with no issues at all. Went to the FRRO and process was completed within 45 minutes. Helps to use an agent of course.

Best of luck to anyone else in the same process.
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It's nice to read some good news on this forum!
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PK origin British


I too am thinking of accepting a job offer in India. What's the likely hood of me getting an emplyment visa in the next 7 weeks?
(Im of P.k origin, no other nationality just British?)

Has anyone else applied this year for an emplyment visa whom is also of PK origin?

Would love to hear about your experience!
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Did you go to India in the same year as you applied for the employment visa? Or was the MHA clearance done well before you applied again for the employment visa in Canada?

Im kind of in the same boat....I have job offer which I wan to take up, but am a little worried about processing times etc....
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What happened finally?

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