Dont have a passport surrender certificate???
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Dont have a passport surrender certificate???

Hi all

I am an Indian born NZ citizen. I gave up my indian citizenship in 2002 and became a NZ citizen. I obviously surrendered my indian passport at the High commission in NZ but I was never issued a surrender certificate. I don't even have a photocopy of my surrendered Indian passport and to be honest and yes Im stupid but I never thought in 2002 that I would ever need my expired indian passport

I am now working in the Uk and have applied for a PIO card. I sent them my application with my birth certificate, my school leaving certificates from India, both my parents passports (copies) and their school certificates from India. I also got a notarised affidavit from a solicitor stating that I was not issued with a surrender certificate. Bt despite all paperwork being in order, the IHC is refusing to issue the PIO.

I have contacted the Indian high commission in New Zealand and its been a week and they have not replied.

What options do I have? Who do I turn to to prove that I did have an Indian passport and I dont have that anymore. Would the Ministry of Home affairs in Delhi have a section who would keep these details?

Many thanks for any suggestions

Nit :confused:

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Ohhhh boy you have a big problem… when dealing with these HCI officials.

A friend of mine wants to apply for the OCI.
According to new rules, he has to surrender his very old (over 30 years) and expired passport prior to applying for OCI.
He sent his old passport to HCI (London) over two months ago. But so far they haven’t sent any surrender certificate.

Trying to contact the High Commission (London) is completely useless. They do not answer the phone calls and they do not reply to postal communication either. It is like banging head against brick wall.

I wonder if anyone has any better suggestions….
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Hi, Im an Indian born NZ citizen as well. I surrendered my indian passport to the Indian High Commission in wellington - and they sent back a surrender certificate within a week. As far as I understand it, the consulate/high comm that received your old Indian passport will also retain your original passport. I have had numerous difficulties contacting the "Babus" in wlg - I would suggest you keep ringing them and eventually you'll get through. Forget emails, they will not respond to them. All else fails ring the guy who's there for emergency consular assistance - long shot, but it may work.


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Q:I have lost/misplaced/submitted (to US authorities) my Indian passport. How may I obtain a Surrender Certificate?
A: If you do not have your Indian passport, you need to submit a sworn affidavit (notarized) explaining loss of your passport. You may attach a copy of your lost passport with your application. If your passport has been retained by the US authorities, you may submit some documentary proof to that effect. If you have lost an Indian passport, you need to submit a police report (mentioning loss of Indian Passport) along with your application. Once your application is accepted as complete, we will attest the “Renunciation form” (submitted by you) and return the same to you. In this case no surrender certificate will be issued.

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