Can I send Indian visa/recieve my documents back to/from ckgs through usps?

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Hello all

I am on the "shipping through ckgs" part of the visa application. There are a few things that Im confused about. 1. I'd like to use usps because fedex and ups are absolutely ridiculous price wise (last year I paid upwards of $50 to send/get my documents back), however on the usps website, to create a shipping label they ask for a shipping date, and of course I have no idea when ckgs would be shipping my documents back to me, is there any way around this? 2. The application asks for an airway bill no. which Im not sure how Im supposed to obtain before I send my documents off, I believe that's a tracking number right? How do I get the tracking number before I mail my documents off?

I don't remember dealing with any of this when I applied for my last visa in dec 2014, I just printed out all the required documents, paid the fee, and mailed everything off through my visa back 4 days later
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It (shipping) actually works with some degree of quirky stuff like no 9 digit zips and its entered in one fashion through most of the process and differently in another! I found it easier than doing all of my own Fedex account details. The big issue is how much do you risk the passports, etc.? If you Fedex it through Cox it keeps track of the item through the process. Since a huge part of the transition has been to avoid the complaints of lost materials under the old agencies in the US & UK (Hey those guys have yet to find my spouse's renunciation application years later) it really made me feel much more comfortable and assured under this new regime. Fedex is more expensive in total than the USPS. But, its a small part of the overall travel expense and according to the Fedex clerk its a bit of a discount doing it through the agency as opposed to doing it individually. Try it and you may, in time, start to appreciate it. Get a tenner as your time in mastering the process makes it worth going through the long term visa, not the the one off 6 monther..

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