PCC - Marital Status - Married / Separated?

#1 Jul 9th, 2018, 15:34
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Hi all,

I need your suggestions on the PCC matter.

I live in Bangalore, & have stayed at present address for over 3 years now. It was 3 years back when I got married & had registered the marriage in Delhi. Due to certain issues, my wife & I separated within a few months thereafter. She is not Indian, lives in her country now & we have gone our own ways. No contact, nothing.

Separation was a difficult period, & I didn't think of getting a divorce anytime soon, mainly due to dirty lawyers, their exorbitant fees & to avoid any possibility of getting back in touch. Also, considering that laws in India favor women blindly, getting divorce looks very risky.

When I renewed my passport last year, I didn't mention of my marital status as married, & got my passport as single. I've traveled since then on that.

Now, for a work related opportunity outside India, I am required to get a PCC now.

I understand I must get my passport updated to 'separated' or better, get a divorce first. But getting any of those done will take time, and more importantly, I just don't wish to bring this topic of separation at this point & instead focus on work & development.

For the police guys, it's probably going to be a means to get their chai-paani.

Has anyone in a similar situation (separated) gone through PCC? Can someone pls advice.? Thanks.
#2 Jul 9th, 2018, 19:52
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All I can say is make sure you have documentary evidence she is alive and well, the last thing you need is a missing persons investigation.
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#3 Jul 15th, 2018, 16:03
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Ouch, you may very likely find that in the long run it will be better to bite the bullet and go through with divorce, even though it involves unpleasantness.

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