Passport Renewal
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Passport Renewal


My passport was issued in Hyderabad and I currently live in Mumbai. The expiration date on my passport is 2-May-2009. In order to apply for re-issuance, I need to submit an address proof. My troubles are:

1. Although I have been living at the same address for the last 13 months, I don't have a valid lease agreement at this moment. The lease expired on 30-April 2009. I plan to move to a new house by mid-June.
2. I need the passport rather quickly as I am required to travel in the first week of July.

Are there any options for me? Can I get it in Tatkal? What happens if after the passport is issued in tatkal and I have already moved the house before the post police verification?

Any help on the above is greatly appreciated.


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| Loud Noisy Bird
Sorry, but I cannot keep quiet about the word "re-issuance". It does not exist! "renewal" will do.

Do you not have phone or other utility bills for your current address? Or won't they assume that your current lease was probably renewed?
Life gets aadhar every day.

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