Passport Renewal of my Kid - Need Clarification
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Passport Renewal of my Kid - Need Clarification

My family(My Spouse, Kid & I) has passport with Chennai address in it. Now, My family is living in our native in West Bengal. My kid's passport is going to be expired soon and need to be renewed. We have Voter ID in West Bengal address. I am worried that our passport has Chennai address and renewal request is from different address than in our passport. Can my kid's passport be renewed using My Spouse/Myself Voter ID as current address proof? OR Do we(My Spouse or Myself) have to update our current residence address in our passport and then apply for renewal of kid passport?
Has anyone face this kind of situation? Could you please let know how it worked out for you?
Thanks in Advance.

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It would be convenient for you if you get your passport reissued, as it would be easier during police verification.
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Went to Passport Office Today and with Current Address proof (i.e. Our Voter ID Card & AADHAR card ) and kid's AADHAR Card, application is accepted and granted passport. No need to re-issue our passport with current address. Thanks for your response.

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