Passport reissue - Spouse name & signature change
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Passport reissue - Spouse name & signature change

Dear all,

My original passport was issued in Feb 2008, when I was still a student. I got married in Jan 2012. Si I decided to get my passport reissued with spouse name and signature change also.

I have some queries regarding the entire process. Hope someone here clarifies.

(1) My file was escalated directly to the APO(1) instead of the B counters as was the case with most other applicants. A polite enquiry with the APO's chamcha revealed that I was tagged as a complex case.

My query - Is a change of signature treated as a COMPLEX case?
Are complex cases escalated directly to the APO instead of the verification & granting counters?

(2) The APO was one *&^!$#. My file had a copy of my old passport, marriage certificate and an affidavit for signature change besides bank statement and a copy of PAN card. Still the APO insisted to produce an ID proof. It seems PAN card has to be supplemented with 2 years IT returns (there is no mention of this on the passport authority's website) and NOT ACCEPTABLE. I pointed out to him that my old passport issued by his office is ID proof enough, at which point, the &^%$( of a !@^)( sent me back as Documents incomplete.

is his demand justified? ( I mean to produce an ID proof). Are PAN cards not acceptable as valid ID Cards?

(4) I made my way to the A counter again. The staff went through my documents and this time scanned and uploaded my HR letter with Photo and company ID card. However this time I was directed to the B counter instead of to the APO. The lady at the B counter verified my documents & once again sent me back to the APO.

(5) This time also the A>(%@ wanted an ID proof. He kept on saying that he needed to see one of the A to I documents as ID proof. Even as I was asking him about these mysterious A to I documents, he was on the phone with somebody else, his chamcha interrupted him hundreds of times, drank 3 cups of tea but he never bothered to answer me till the very end.

Just what are these A to I documents???? Any idea??

(6) Finally he just said Ok. After the checks at B & C counters, I received the
acknowledgement & was surprised to note that the police verification would be POST ISSUANCE of passport. I was under the impression that NO police verification would be required as there was no change in address. This was an applcation to include my spouse name and incorporate a signature change.

Does any one have any idea why there is post police verification, when the address is the same as the one on the old passport?

I believe that the APO just did not like my face & decided to harass me. Is there any way to contest his post police verification decision?

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First, the dedision of the APO in these matters is final. So there is little that one can fight about it. The best one can do is to understand why he/she is asking for something and then assuage the cause of that concern.

Change of Signature may a little complex, but a lot also depends on how often the Staff/APO have encountered such cases. If they have not, then it becomes complex for them.

Asking an additional (ID) proof is quite normal. Nothing unusual in it. Has your physical appearance (facial features) changed a lot since the last passport. Did you submit a Birth Certificate for proof of DOB or any other doc?

The APO can decide if the application needs a Pre PV or Post PV or No PV at all. The signature change might have spooked his antennae.
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the old rule of no address change-no police verification rule was changed a while ago. Now, it is left to the discretion of the APO. No PV is probably reserved for 'special" cases. Don't ask me what they are, you should know. :)
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Thanks narendra and adam.

Narendra - Yes, I have changed a lot during these 4 years. But still they could have accepted their own document (old passport) as ID proof.

And I went to the PSK again. It seems that change in name, gender, signature, appearance, DoB are treated as complex cases. The system itself tags these requests as complex cases. Hope this info is useful to somebody here.

People applying for a change in these particulars - please go armed with multiple documents or you risk being boarded on a merry-go-round. There is nothing merry about it though in the PSK.

Adam - The people in the PSK echo what you have said. Thanks.

UPDATE - I have received my passport !!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?????? In 3 days flat. Good job.

I hope the police verification is completed soon.
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Good for you. If you have given your phone numbers, expect the police to call you before they come to your place. And keep one copy of ALL the documents that you submitted with your application handy. they need those for their validation and take them as well.
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It would be great if you inform your local police station in writing (keep acknowledgement safely) along with photocopy of passport in case you are going somewhere out of station before the PV is conducted.
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Guys my police verification has been completed this morning.

I got a call around 8.30, yesterday night itself. The cop was polite and asked whether he could come over. I told him I was not at home, was returning late from work & requested him to come in the morning. He was there at 7 sharp. The process was completed within minutes.

And guess what he refused to take money. India is changing after all.

Ah ha I know you guys are eating your hearts out. Still can't believe that the entire process has been completed in 5 days flat.

Thanks for the tips & suggestions narendra, adam and Prakaash.

One last question - Is my passport good to go now? or should I wait for further status changes at the PS website stating my PV is clear?
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You are good to go. Nothing more to be done from your end.
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Congrats on achieving your goal as painlessly as possible. I don't think it is abnormal to see people refuse bribes...just that it is not as widespread as one would like it to be. If you believe, it is still kaliyuga, first padam. Wait for three more, and then make the same remark :)

And as @narendra.d says, you are good to go.
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Originally posted by: Krishna_81prasa View Post


One last question - Is my passport good to go now? or should I wait for further status changes at the PS website stating my PV is clear?
You should have asked the cop. It would have been great!
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Dear All,

I don't know how to post a new question. So, I have added in this thread.

I want to apply for a fresh passport for my wife. For this, should my passport to be submitted? I have no problem except one issue. My wife's name is SARASWATHY. But in my passport, it is mentioned as SARASWATHI. (mentioned as i instead of y). Does this make any difference. The agent through whom I am applying, insist that an affidavit for change of name should be processed with adverts in papers. I am of the opinion that her name is changed except 1 spelling mistake in my passport. In this context, I would like to ask the following:

1. Should my passport to be submitted as a compulsory document or
2. Her passport can be processed without my passport.

I am of the opinion that this agent wants to make some money by giving reason as change of name. But it is not change of name except 1 chararact misspelt. Please give me some guidance on this.

Thanking you all in advance.

Ravichandran Iyer
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Originally posted by: RAVI IYER View Post

1. Should my passport to be submitted as a compulsory document or
No, photocopy of the passport will do. It should be attested by the applicant.
2. Her passport can be processed without my passport.
Yes, it will do

I am of the opinion that this agent wants to make some money by giving reason as change of name. But it is not change of name except 1 chararact misspelt. Please give me some guidance on this.
You are correct. You should apply it yourself and while applying you should take care of using all the correct spelling and double-check before uploading.

You may download e-form from And take guidance from the website to apply... It is very easy.
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Your passport is not mandatory/not even required except as proof of address. A Marriage certificate is mandatory.
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Signature Missmatch in passport form and Police Verification Form

Hi All,

I have done a mistake in police verification,In passport form I have return complete name as signature but in police verification form i have done just signature in short. Please guide me ,how it will cost for me ,i ll face any problem while getting the passport how next step ll be ,my passport application ll be put in pending or rejected.????????
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You may contact the Police Station and discuss the issue with the concerned person.

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