Passport Query for current address proof
Kamna Jadhav
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Passport Query for current address proof


I applied for a fresh passport in which I mentioned my hometown address as my present and permanent address. Since last 4 months I started working in a different city. After PSK visit, I went for police verification at my hometown where I told them that since past 4 months I reside in different city. I live at a friend's home there. My application was forwarded to RPO where I was asked to produce address proof of the city I work at. They suggested me to create a bank account so that passbook will serve as address proof. Also I have to pay 5000 fine.

My problem is banks also ask for a address proof which I dont have. As I live at friend's home, I do not own it..and none of electricity/phone bills are on my name.

Can I withdraw my application? If yes, what will be the consequences . And when can I re apply for the same ?


What is other possible solution ??

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Your friend may give you a declaration stating that you are living won them. Alternatively your office may give you a declaration stating you are staying at that particular address. Based upon the same, you may go for bank account opening.

You may withdraw your application but what is your alternative plan...

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